League of Legends URF mode’s top-picked champs have surprisingly low win rates

League of Legends URF mode’s top-picked champs have surprisingly low win rates 1

Some of the most-played champions have low win rates, indicating that players are still adjusting to the new meta for League of Legends’ limited URF game mode.

League of Legends recently reintroduced its high-speed and action-packed game mode, Ultra Rapid Fire, in the 14.3 patch. URF is an “all fun” mode for most players. With its “No mana, low cool down” mechanics, this mode lets players test their favorite champions to their limits! 

The game mode started as an April Fools’ joke to the player community. Still, after receiving a cult-following status in the League of Legends community, Riot Games promised to keep URF in the rotation for seasonal game modes. 

However, the players are still on their way to grasp the meta, as the most-picked champions in URF mode have surprisingly low winning percentages. According to a trusted LoL Algorithm ranker, Smolder and Lux are the top-picked champions in URF, both with win rates below the 50% threshold. 

League of Legends URF mode’s top-picked champs have surprisingly low win rates 2
Most played League of Legends Champions in URF mode

Smolder being on the top rank is no surprise – as players tend to get excited trying their hands on the game’s latest Champion. However, it seems like the adorable ADC is more suited for other game formats, as Smolder only rakes in a 47.65% win rating with a 25% pick rate in URF mode. 

It is also unsurprising to find Demacia’s star mage in the top rankings, as Lux has a low-skill floor and a high-skill ceiling with endless possibilities for combination plays with her snare and ult. With a 47% victory percentage on a 21% pick rating, URF mode does not favor the Lux mains. 

The top two champions on the pick rankings are rated D by u.gg for URF game mode. 

Kayle and Shen continue to dominate URF mode win rates

Much like our URF Tier List and Best Champion Ranking predicted, Kayle and Shen showed impressive results in the seasonal game mode. As of writing, Kayle accrued a whopping 59.1% win rate and an S+ rating, while Shen lived up to expectations with a 57% victory percentage. 

League of Legends URF mode’s top-picked champs have surprisingly low win rates 3
League of Legends Champions with highest win rates in URF Mode

Both top champs had pick rates below 10%, possibly because players are eager to ban dominant champions with kits that could quickly decimate the enemy team, even in a 1v5 situation. 

Shyvana, who ranked 2nd in our best URF champs, reigns third on the win rate rankings, raking in a 56% win rate with only a 3.7% pick rating. Meanwhile, Illaoi is another strong Champion for URF, as she scores almost the same win rating as Shen and Shyvana, with a 4.6% pick rate. 

If you’re looking for an underrated Champion who could easily surprise your enemies on the URF battlegrounds, go for the tank jungler Rell. This Champion unexpectedly scored a 55.5% win rate, with only a 1.4% pick rating. 

It seems like URF showed proof of Aurelion Sol’s massive nerfs, as the Champion ranked lowest in the URF win rate board with only a 43% victory percentage across 73,000 matches. Riot Games may expect more calls from League of Legends players for ASol nerfs once more players take notice of his striking disadvantage.

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