LoL Bot Lane Tier List: Best Champions Ranked (Patch 14.5)

LoL Bot Lane Tier List: Best Champions Ranked (Patch 14.5) 1

It’s time to boost your rank with a winning streak in the bot lane! Dive into our Bot Lane Tier List and discover the best bot lane champions in League of Legends Patch 14.4.

Are you ready to dominate the bot lane and claim victory on the Summoner’s Rift? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we unveil the League of Legends Best Bot Lane Champions Tier List for Patch 14.4

Every patch brings a new wave of balance adjustments, allowing champions to climb or fall the ranks. But have no fear—our guide is here to help you navigate the shifting tides of the meta and ensure you have the skills and tactics necessary to succeed in the bot lane.

Get ready to show off your abilities with your teammates and friends as we explore League of Legends’ Best Bot Lane Champions Tier List for Patch 14.4. 

Updated on March 19, 2024: We ensured that the current tier list is up-to-date and relevant for all players. We will continue to update this tier list with the latest League of Legends patch and in-game item or meta changes.

League of Legends Bot Lane Champions Tier list

S+Senna, Twitch, Vayne, Samira
SSeraphine, Draven, Miss Fortune, Varus, Tahm Kench
ASivir, Jinx, Lucian, Tristana, Jhin, Ashe, Nilah, Twisted Fate
BKog’Maw, Yasuo, Ziggs,
CKalista, Zeri, Caitlyn, Xayah
DKai’Sa, Smolder, Ezreal

Top 10 Best League of Legends Bot Lane Champions

10. Varus 

LoL Bot Lane Tier List: Best Champions Ranked (Patch 14.5) 2

Varus is a popular pick among the best Bot Lane pros. With his deadly arrows and crowd control abilities, Varus brings utility and damage to the bot lane. This marksman has the prowess to deal damage from a distance and also has a stun and crowd control skill that could totally turn the game around, even in the most dire situations!

Varus synergizes well with various supports, especially those with crowd control abilities or engagement potential. Champions like Leona, Nautilus, and Thresh can set up kills for Varus with their CC, allowing him to follow up with his damage and secure kills for his team.

9. Draven 

LoL Bot Lane Tier List: Best Champions Ranked (Patch 14.5) 3

Draven is among the champions you could consider a “lane bully.” Given his early-game advantage, his skills let you snowball in level lead and eventual kill and gold dominance over your enemies. 

Draven can adapt his build to suit different situations and team compositions. You have the flexibility to build the classic Crit Chance build or a lethality build for the tankiest enemies. 

8. Miss Fortune 

LoL Bot Lane Tier List: Best Champions Ranked (Patch 14.5) 4

Many League of Legends players love Miss Fortune, whether those who stood the test of time or new players looking for unintimidating bot lane champions. Miss Fortune’s ultimate ability, Bullet Time (R), is a game-changer in team fights and is known to score multiple kills with her lethal ultimate! 

7. Lucian

LoL Bot Lane Tier List: Best Champions Ranked (Patch 14.5) 5

Lucian is an expert at taking out opponents with quick reflexes and securing kills with his relentless assault. Because of his powerful burst damage potential and priority carry in team fights, Lucian is a threat to flimsy targets, making mage supports in the Bot Lane threatened over this marksman’s presence.

6. Seraphine

LoL Bot Lane Tier List: Best Champions Ranked (Patch 14.5) 6

Do not underestimate the strength and skills of this charming songstress! Many would think that Seraphine’s kit fits better as a support, but she boasts the versatility of being a damage dealer, too! As of the early 14.4 patch, she also reigns at the top of the bot lane win rating, outranking even the most popular ADCs like Varus and Caitlyn. 

5. Twitch

LoL Bot Lane Tier List: Best Champions Ranked (Patch 14.5) 7

Sneaky and deadly, Twitch thrives on ambushes and surprise attacks. Turn the bot lane into your hunting ground by using his cunning to surprise opponents and wreak havoc with his poisonous strikes.

Use your invisibility skill to give your team a significant advantage in team fights, turning seemingly disadvantaged situations into winning moments! 

4. Senna 

LoL Bot Lane Tier List: Best Champions Ranked (Patch 14.5) 8

Part marksman, part support, Senna is a hybrid champion who can heal allies and snipe enemies from afar. Senna’s skills, especially her Piercing Darkness (Q), let her heal both herself and her teammates while also poking opponents from a safe distance. Her long-range poke and sustain make it hard to trade and offer useful sustain for long-duration battles.

3. Tahm Kench

LoL Bot Lane Tier List: Best Champions Ranked (Patch 14.5) 9

The changes in support income, strength, and overall viability made Tahm Kench one of the top Bot Lane Champions for the latest patch. While running a tank may not be the first thing that comes to mind for the bot lane, Tahm Kench’s seemingly unlimited hit points make him a threat in the bot lane. Moreover, if you’re running the bot lane together with a support that deals significant amount of damage like Brand or Pyke, this could be an unexpected dual threat for your enemies!

2. Samira 

LoL Bot Lane Tier List: Best Champions Ranked (Patch 14.5) 10

With her stylish combos and flashy plays, Samira is a force of nature in the bot lane. Once faced with her wrath, you’ll quickly learn why so many players ban this Champion. Less than a week into patch 14.4, she already raked in a 15% ban rate and is among the most banned Champions on the bot lane. 

Samira’s adaptable playstyle enables players to adjust to various scenarios and opponents. Samira’s kit offers options for a variety of game strategies, whether they be used aggressively to snowball leads or defensively to farm safely.

1. Vayne

LoL Bot Lane Tier List: Best Champions Ranked (Patch 14.5) 11

Vayne has long reigned supreme in the bot lane – both ranked matches and the pro scene. And you’d be surprised to find her among the best top lane champions, too! 

Vayne excels at dealing high single-target damage, making her a formidable threat to enemy champions, especially in extended fights. This champion scales exceptionally well into the late game. With her ability to build critical strike and attack speed items, Vayne becomes a hyper-carry capable of decimating entire teams with her damage output.

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