Ultra Rapid Fire (U.R.F) makes long-awaited return to League of Legends 1

One of League of Legends’ most loved game modes, Ultra Rapid Fire (URF), finally returned in patch 14.3, much to the satisfaction of all League players worldwide. 

League of Legends features many game modes within its domain; whether you’re a fan of a high-action ARAM game or love the classic Summoner’s Rift game, there are many ways to enjoy League. However, one of the game’s seasonal game modes returns to the screens to the delight of LoL players

Ultra Rapid Fire, more commonly known as URF, is a special game mode that allows players to immerse in fast-paced gameplay. If you’re a fan of edge-of-your-seat moments and looking for exciting LoL gameplay, you’re in for a treat in the new patch! 

Ultra Rapid Fire (U.R.F) makes long-awaited return to League of Legends 2

How to play League of Legends URF game mode

In this game mode, players can enjoy remarkably reduced cool-down abilities. If you’re dreaming of the chance to spam your main Champion’s abilities, it’s your time to shine!

URF is all about having fun. Imagine a gameplay where you don’t have to think about cooldowns or keeping your Mana levels at bay. This game mode is about hitting (or spamming) your skills, destroying your enemies, and experimenting with your favorite champion!

The game takes place in League of Legends’ classic map, Summoners Rift. The normal URF mode features a blind pick mode, while another special mode ARURF (All Random Ultra Rapid Fire), has a similar Champion picking system to ARAM. 

Below are some unique gameplay features of LoL’s URF:

  • Bonus Movement – Ultra Rapid Fire calls for rapid speed. Champions gain 60 bonus movement speed and 25% tenacity.
  • No Mana, No Problem – in URF, mages reign supreme over marksmen, as players are free to spam their abilities as much as they can. All players are granted an 80% cooldown reduction with no Mana costs. Time to beware of Lux Ultimates every 8 seconds or so!
  • Ultra Rapid Attack Speed – Beware of everything fast! In URF, bonus attack speed is multiplied by 1.5x for melee Champions and twice for ranged players.
  • Everything yields Gold – More than its speed, players will also enjoy the endless bounty in URF! Champions will receive gold whenever an enemy minion dies, regardless of who took the last hit. Furthermore, taking down Turret Plating also grants 300 Gold instead of the usual 150. 
  • Half healing – Sadly, support players may have to pick another champion. Direct healing effects only add half of the usual HP healing, scaling by 1% every 30 seconds. Champion healing will reach 100% HP healing by the 25-minute mark. 
  • Champion Cannon – this feature takes the cake in being the standout feature of URF. A cannon near the Ally Nexus can send Champions invulnerably flying across the map. Upon landing, enemies on the targeted location will receive magic damage (think Galio ult but for everyone.)

If it’s your first time witnessing this cult-favorite game mode, make sure to queue in with your friends for a time full of fun and adrenaline! After a few games, you’ll surely be part of the League of Legends community calling for frequent returns of URF game mode. 

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