LoL Mid Lane Tier List: Best Champions Ranked (Patch 14.5)

LoL Mid Lane Tier List: Best Champions Ranked (Patch 14.5) 1

Discover the top mid-lane champions in League of Legends with our comprehensive guide to dominant picks and builds in the current patch!

Updated on March 11, 2024: We ensured that the current tier list is up-to-date and relevant for all players. We will continue to update it with the latest League of Legends patch and in-game item or meta changes.

The League of Legends mid-lane, where champions display their skill in team battles, roaming, and duels, is frequently seen as the game’s center of attention. From the likes of Faker and Showmaker, even the pro scene’s “greatest” are often from the mid-lane.

Mid-lane players and Champions are expected to dominate their respective lanes and come to their teammates’ aid when needed. 

So, prepare to command the center stage, outplay your opponents, and lead your team to victory with our recommendations on the best mid-lane champions in League of Legends!

League of Legends Mid Lane Champions Tier list

S+Taliyah, Brand, Karma, Kassadin, Ahri
SAkshan, Qiyana, Gragas, Neeko, Naafiri, Anivia, Cassiopeia, Swain
A Rumble, Annie, Brand, Pantheon, Ekko, Tristana, Diana, Katarina, Irelia, Twisted Faith Vex,
BZoe, Talon, Galio, Jayce, Malphite, Malzahar, Lissandra, Vladimir, Fizz, Xerath, Zed
CSylas, Velkoz, Hwei, Orianna, Veigar, Ryze, Akali, Yasuo, Azir
DLux, Corki, Smolder, LeBlanc, Yone, Ziggs, Syndra

Top 10 Best League of Legends Mid Lane Champions

10. Cassiopeia

LoL Mid Lane Tier List: Best Champions Ranked (Patch 14.5) 2

Cassiopeia is a formidable duelist, zone control expert, and late-game carry for those who can realize her potential. While she may not be the most straightforward mid-laner to learn, she still poses a great threat to enemies! Due to her excellent crowd control and utility skills, Cassiopeia can dominate the battlefield and set the tempo of conflicts thanks to her Miasma (W) ability.

Cassiopeia’s crowd control and damage output could prove very beneficial in team battles. Her ultimate ability is a potent area-of-effect stun that may shatter opponent formations and swing a battle to her team’s advantage.

9. Naafiri

LoL Mid Lane Tier List: Best Champions Ranked (Patch 14.5) 3

If you’re a fan of “blind pick” deceivers, you can go for Naafiri on the mid-lane. While initially built as a mid-lane Champion, some LoL players use “The Hound of A Hundred Bites” in the jungle. 

Naafiri’s kit allows her to deal good damage through pokes and from a distance. Her skills also allow her to surprise enemies with assassin capabilities easily. Naafiri is often built with Eclipse and Profane Hydra. 

8. Neeko

LoL Mid Lane Tier List: Best Champions Ranked (Patch 14.5) 4

Time to have a good time on the mid-lane and fool your enemies with some mimicking skills! Neeko might surprise you. This playful prankster isn’t just adorable – she’s a powerful mid-laner with a bag of tricks that can outplay enemies, control the battlefield, and turn the tide of teamfights.

Don’t underestimate Neeko’s burst damage. Her Tangle Barbs (E) can root enemies in place, making them prime targets for her Blooming Burst and Celestial Blessing (R), a powerful AoE attack that explodes outwards from a target.

7. Anivia

LoL Mid Lane Tier List: Best Champions Ranked (Patch 14.5) 5

Anivia, the Cryophoenix, isn’t your typical high-mobility mage. But what she lacks in dashes, she makes up for in powerful zone control, devastating wave clear, and surprising teamfight utility.

Because of her talents, Anivia has unmatched impact on the battlefield. Her Glacial Storm (R) shrouds the region in ice, deterring adversaries from confronting her and preventing her from entering. Her W ability, meanwhile, is a potent tool for zoning, effectively separating opposing teams or establishing favorable choke spots for her allies.

6. Ahri

LoL Mid Lane Tier List: Best Champions Ranked (Patch 14.5) 6

Ahri is a popular pick for pro players and even beginner League of Legends players. She’s best at dealing damage to minions, as her Q ability easily decimates waves on higher levels. Furthermore, Ahri’s mobility is handy in dire situations, letting her come to team aid or escape dangerous encounters on any lane. 

5. Gragas

LoL Mid Lane Tier List: Best Champions Ranked (Patch 14.5) 7

Previously tenth on the list, Gragas now jumps up to the top 5 of the best mid-lane Champions in League of Legends!

Gragas has a versatile kit that allows him to adapt to different situations. He can engage in team fights with his explosive engage combo with his E and R skills, peel for his carries with his ultimate, or split push with his wave clear and tower-taking potential.

4. Taliyah

LoL Mid Lane Tier List: Best Champions Ranked (Patch 14.5) 8

With her rock-solid abilities and map-wide presence, Taliyah brings unmatched wave clear and roaming potential to the mid-lane. Taliyah’s Weaver’s Wall (R) ultimate ability gives her unmatched mobility and roaming capability. 

She can move fast across the map, gank side lanes, support her team in team fights and skirmishes, and change the course of engagements with her presence.

3. Brand

LoL Mid Lane Tier List: Best Champions Ranked (Patch 14.5) 9

Brand excels at harassing enemies from afar with his abilities. Brand’s area-of-effect skills may do a great deal of damage to other teams in team fights. His ultimate, which bounces between opponents and spreads damage, may swiftly alter the tide of combat.

In addition, his passive increases his damage output in longer encounters by applying a potent burn effect to opponents hit by his abilities.

2. Karma

LoL Mid Lane Tier List: Best Champions Ranked (Patch 14.5) 10

Karma’s rise in the mid-lane is all thanks to one item – Malignance. While Karma’s kit is quite solid in both defensive and offensive departments, she highly benefitted from an item that deals extra damage with your ultimate. 

Karma’s low ultimate cooldown synergizes well with Malignance’s ultimate haste and damage pool, making her a nightmare on the mid lane. 

1. Kassadin

LoL Mid Lane Tier List: Best Champions Ranked (Patch 14.5) 11

Kassadin, the Void Walker, is a burst damage and mobility specialist who becomes exceptionally powerful in the late game. Due to his capacity to enter battles via rift-walking and his destructive combo-casting abilities, Kassadin is a formidable foe for even the strongest carries in the mid-lane.

The only downside to playing Kassadin is the early-game disadvantage before level six. Make sure to keep at a safe distance while hitting minions to avoid letting your enemy snowball with levels and items in early-game.

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