LoL Jungle Tier List: Best Junglers Ranked (Patch 14.5)

LoL Jungle Tier List: Best Junglers Ranked (Patch 14.5) 1

Ready to conquer the League of Legends Jungle and lead your team to victory? Look no further. We’ve ranked the best Jungle champions in LoL for you!

Updated on March 11, 2024: We ensured that the current tier list is up-to-date and relevant for all players. We will continue to update it with the latest League of Legends patch and in-game item or meta changes.

Many prefer to choose lane roles in League of Legends’ competitive gameplay. But as overlooked as the Jungle role is in the selection stage, this position can determine whether you’re on your way to a winning streak or a sad stride of defeat. 

As a jungler, you are more than simply a player; you are your team’s lifeblood, the unsung hero who controls the game’s tempo and creates opportunities for success. You’re out in the jungle, strategizing your next move, ambushing gullible enemies, and changing the tide of battle with well-timed ganks while everyone else is locked in their lanes.

So, without further ado, let’s delve into our list of the best Jungle Champions in League of Legends!

League of Legends Jungle Champions Tier list

S+Ivern, Bel’Veth, Kha’Zix, Rengar, Gwen
SBriar, Fiddlesticks Volibear, Kindred, Rumble, Warwick
ABrand, Shaco, Nidalee, Lilia, Rammus,  Xin Zhao, Viego, Kayn, Evelynn, Vi
BGraves, Lee Sin, Gragas, Jax, Karthus, Udyr, Elise, Rell, Master Yi
CHecarim, Diana, Warwick, Poppy, Reksai
DJarvan IV, Taliyah, Shyvana, Nunu & William, Sejuani, Amumu, Maokai

Top 10 Best League of Legends Jungle Champions

10. Warwick

LoL Jungle Tier List: Best Junglers Ranked (Patch 14.5) 2

Warwick’s true strength lies in his incredible sustain. His passive and abilities all contribute to his self-healing, making him a bruiser who can brawl for extended periods.

Warwick’s kit enables him to exert constant pressure on lanes and easily control objectives. His W ability, Blood Hunt, allows him to track low-health enemies across the map, making him an excellent ganker and objective controller.

9. Briar

LoL Jungle Tier List: Best Junglers Ranked (Patch 14.5) 3

Put an end to predictable and slow ganks with Briar, a monster of movement. Her Head Rush ability allows her to zoom across the battlefield, stunning enemies and setting up easy kills for your laners.

Briar’s kill list consists of champions who rely on burst damage. So make sure to pick her when faced against burst ultimate or burst damage enemies!

8. Fiddlesticks

LoL Jungle Tier List: Best Junglers Ranked (Patch 14.5) 4

Fiddlesticks boasts a surprisingly fast jungle clear. His attacks bounce to nearby enemies, letting you easily shred through camps. This Champion boasts a plethora of crowd-control abilities, making him a nightmare for enemies caught in his grasp. His Fear (Q) and Crowstorm (R) ultimates can disrupt team fights and turn the tide in his team’s favor.

Champions like Syndra or Orianna can follow Fiddlesticks’ fear with devastating area-of-effect damage, turning team fights into one-sided scare shows. Meanwhile, enemies with low mobility and burst damage are easy pickings for Fiddlesticks. His fear and silence can shut them down before they can unleash their damage.

7. Kindred

LoL Jungle Tier List: Best Junglers Ranked (Patch 14.5) 5

Because of their Wolf’s Frenzy skill, Kindred possesses extraordinary agility. Thanks to their surge of movement speed, they can swiftly clear camps, leap over walls for surprise ganks, and easily kite opponents.

Kindred excels at taking down isolated targets, especially squishy carries like Jinx or Vayne. Their mobility makes it hard for these champions to escape Kindred’s relentless pursuit.

6. Kha’Zix

LoL Jungle Tier List: Best Junglers Ranked (Patch 14.5) 6

Champion Kha’Zix is best when snowballing leads and applying map pressure. He is a very cunning Champion (watch out, Twitch!).. and does best against lonely opponents. 

When he attacks an enemy by himself, his passive ability, Unseen Threat, gives him extra damage. Use this to your advantage by flanking enemies in team fights or picking off lone champions who stray too far from their team.

5. Gwen

LoL Jungle Tier List: Best Junglers Ranked (Patch 14.5) 7

Don’t be fooled by Gwen’s charming appearance. The Hallowed Seamstress is to be feared in the Summoners’ Rift! As League of Legends’ latest jungler addition, many favored Gwen. 

Gwen excels at extended fights thanks to her passive, Severed Threads. This makes her a durable nightmare for squishy opponents in the jungle, healing her equally on the damage she causes.

In terms of build priorities, items like Riftmaker or Nashor’s Tooth provide Gwen with the sustain and damage she needs to secure early kills and snowball her lead. As the game progresses, take note of items like Zhonya’s Hourglass as a safety net in hectic team fights or Wit’s End to tear through tanks.

4. Bel’Veth

LoL Jungle Tier List: Best Junglers Ranked (Patch 14.5) 8

Bel’Veth’s arsenal of crowd-control skills makes him a nightmare for opponents who find themselves in his path. 

The core of Bel’Veth’s kit is adaptability. With her ultimate, Endless Feast, she may restore herself and create minions after being taken down, turning her into a terrifying void creature. Because of her snowballing potential, she is a late-game monster.

3. Volibear

LoL Jungle Tier List: Best Junglers Ranked (Patch 14.5) 9

Volibear is an absolute beast in the jungle, and let me tell you why he’s an absolute unit you want on your team! 

Volibear’s attacks have built-in chain lightning, letting him clear camps with surprising speed. Plus, his passive, The Relentless Storm, resets his basic attack timer whenever he hits a monster, making him a farming fiend.

Volibear finds it easier to take down champions like Jinx or Vayne with limited mobility and burst damage. They have difficulty escaping his fury because of his slows and stuns.

2. Rengar

LoL Jungle Tier List: Best Junglers Ranked (Patch 14.5) 10

Rengar’s unmatched ability to pursue and kill prey mercilessly has made him a highly regarded jungler. He becomes invisible when not in combat as his passive builds up with every opponent he eliminates. Use this to follow your target, then charge in with your enhanced E (Savagery) to land a first-hit guarantee.

Champions who can manage crowds or deal follow-up damage to their engagements work well with him. Hard crowd-control champions like Leona, Orianna, or Malphite may provide openings for Rengar to kill priority targets and turn the tide of battle to his team’s advantage.

1. Ivern

LoL Jungle Tier List: Best Junglers Ranked (Patch 14.5) 11

Previously seventh on our list for the last patch, Ivern now reigns supreme in the jungle!

Ivern might not be a damage powerhouse, but his map control, utility, and ability to empower his team make him a truly unique and valuable jungler. 

Ivern’s kit revolves around helping and supporting his team. Thanks to his passive ability, Friend of the Forest, he can rapidly eliminate jungle camps without force. This ability allows him to become friends with them, which allows him to clear the jungle more quickly and provide his allies an advantage in the lane by sharing buffs with them.

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