League of Legends players baffled by Aurelion Sol's rollercoaster buffs and nerfs 1

The League of Legends player base is confused about how Aurelion Sol was nerfed only a few hours after his much-anticipated buff.

If there’s one thing better than a winning streak as a League of Legends player, it’s getting your main Champion buffed. That’s why many Aurelion Sol mains celebrated when their beloved Battlemage received long-awaited buffs in the last 14.3 patch.

However, it seems like Riot Games was not happy to see Aurelion Sol mains in such delight. Only after 12 hours of the 14.3 patch release did the updated hotfixes seem to burn all ASol mains’ hopes down to the ground. 

Quite a number of LoL players reacted to the devs’ sudden change of mind, noting that the Champion may now be “worse than pre-patch” and that ASol was probably better before the 14.3 patch. 

League of Legends Aurelion Sol: a tale of rise and fall 

The ASol mains community experienced a slice of heaven when Riot Games Champion designer Maxwell Perlman announced the buffs on social media.

He even expounds that the goal of the Champion changes is to make Aurelion Sol and its players “feel better about the new item system.” 

Some of the 14.3 Aurelion Sol buffs included reduced Mana costs from Breath of Light (Q) and Astral Flight (W) skills and increased stacks on the Q skill.

With these changes, ASol was well on their way to becoming a formidable midlaner and balanced his late-game dependency with some early-game agency. 

However, all of these buffs seemed to have gone down the drain on the very same day. The 14.3 hotfixes reduced the Q stack, ramped up his skill cooldowns, and had an abysmal damage reduction on the Q bonus damage. 

Due to this significant change, some enraged League of Legends players call for Aurelion Sol’s Champion kit to simply just be reverted to his pre-patch state. 

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Riot Games probably noticed a significant number of LoL players locking in ASol and raking in wins. With the Champion’s ban rate also skyrocketing, earning 33 ranks up on the “leaderboard.”

Still, players who anticipated the buffs and experienced the overpowered Aurelion Sol is defeated by the Champion power that could only live in their memory. League players could only wonder whether or not they could expect another Aurelion Sol rework in the future.

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