Boarding a ship in Starfield

In the expansive universe of Starfield, boarding enemy ships is a thrilling and strategic endeavor. Whether you’re after valuable loot or looking to add a new ship to your fleet, mastering the art of boarding is essential.

This guide will walk you through the steps to successfully board an enemy ship.

How to Board Ships in Starfield

Boarding ships in Starfield offers players the opportunity to seize valuable items, contraband, and even the ship itself. However, the process is fraught with danger, as enemy crew members may still be aboard, ready to defend their vessel.

1. Preparing for the Encounter:

  • Equip your ship with an Electromagnetic (EM) weapon. This allows you to disable enemy systems without causing significant hull damage.
  • Ensure you have the “Targeting Control Systems” skill, which lets you target specific ship systems.

2. Engaging the Enemy Ship:

  • Engage in combat with the enemy ship. Aim to stay behind it to avoid its primary weapons.
  • Use the target lock (X on Xbox) to focus on specific systems.

3. Disabling the Ship:

  • Use your EM weapon to disable the ship’s lasers, ballistics, and engines. This prevents the ship from attacking or escaping.
  • Continuously target and disable any systems that come back online.

4. Docking with the Disabled Ship:

  • Once the enemy ship is disabled, approach it and stay within 500 meters.
  • Press the dock command (X on Xbox) to initiate the docking process.

5. Boarding and Clearing the Ship:

  • After docking, press the board command to enter the enemy ship.
  • Be prepared for combat, as there may still be crew members aboard. Equip your preferred weapon and clear the ship of any threats.

6. Looting the Ship:

  • Once the ship is secure, explore its interior to find valuable items, cargo, and contraband.
  • You can also decide to keep the ship by registering it as your own.

Tips for Successful Ship Boarding:

  • Stay Alert: Always be cautious when boarding an enemy ship. Crew members can be hiding, ready to ambush you.
  • Use the Right Tools: The EM weapon is invaluable for disabling ships without destroying them. Ensure you have it equipped before engaging.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Engage in multiple boarding actions to hone your skills and strategies.

Boarding ships in Starfield is a high-risk, high-reward activity. By mastering the techniques and strategies outlined in this guide, you can become a feared space pirate, seizing valuable loot and ships from your adversaries.

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