Andreja Starfield

In Bethesda’s latest space epic, Starfield, players are finding the in-game marital dynamics a little too close to home, especially when it comes to financial decisions.

One player recently shared a humorous encounter with their in-game wife, Andreja, after generously tipping a tour guide on Mars a whopping $500.

The game’s attention to detail was on full display as the camera immediately panned to Andreja, who promptly scolded the player with a remark about throwing away their entire “credstick.” The player humorously noted that this was the most realistic thing to happen to them in a video game.

For those unfamiliar with the character, Andreja is a potential romantic companion in Starfield. Players can romance Andreja after meeting her during a quest called “Into the Unknown.” As players get to know her, they’ll discover Andreja’s complex backstory, which includes her time as a smuggler and her association with the House of Va’ruun. Players need to be mindful of their actions and decisions, as Andreja has strong feelings about justice, her past, and, apparently, financial decisions.

The realism doesn’t stop at financial disagreements. Andreja values justice, has a complicated relationship with her past, and has specific likes and dislikes that players need to be aware of to win her heart. For instance, she appreciates forgiveness and protecting the innocent but has a strong aversion to breaking the law.

While Starfield promises interstellar adventures and epic space battles, it’s these small, relatable moments that are resonating with players. Whether it’s navigating the complexities of space romance or getting an earful for being too generous with in-game currency, Starfield is proving that space might be the final frontier, but human relationships are an endless journey.

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