Deimos Star Yard Location in Starfield: Guide 1

Starfield, the innovative action role-playing game by Bethesda Game Studios, invites players to explore the boundless universe and its myriad of celestial bodies. In today’s guide, we will explore the Deimos Star Yard, a pivotal location where players can find and dock with unique ships and acquire parts to enhance their spacecraft.

The Deimos Star Yard is not just a hub for acquiring new ships and parts; it’s a central point for those looking to customize their spacefaring experience in Starfield. Whether you are in search of a ship with a massive cargo capacity or one designed for combat, the Deimos Star Yard has a variety to choose from.

This guide will provide you with detailed instructions on locating the star yard, docking with it, and making the most out of the available resources.

How to Find and Dock with Deimos Star Yard

To locate the Deimos Star Yard, navigate to Mars in the Sol region, starting from Alpha Centauri. Once you are near Mars, you will find the Deimos Star Yard just outside its orbit. Select it as your course and travel towards it.

Docking at Deimos Star Yard

Upon reaching the Star Yard, ensure it is selected, and approach it until you are within 500 meters. Once within the appropriate range, a dock option will appear, allowing you to dock and explore the star yard. Inside, you will find a variety of ships available for purchase, along with parts and modifications to enhance your spacecraft.

Exploring the Deimos Star Yard

Inside the Deimos Star Yard, you will encounter various military ships and have the opportunity to interact with individuals like Nick Henderson, who offers a range of ships with different capabilities. From ships like the Longsword and the Bereem, designed for cargo and combat respectively, to others like the Aegis and the Phalanx, players can choose based on their preferences and needs.

Customizing Your Ship

Beyond purchasing, the Deimos Star Yard offers customization options, allowing players to modify their ships with various parts and weapons available at the yard. Whether you are looking to upgrade your cockpit, add new weapons, or increase your cargo capacity, the Deimos Star Yard provides a plethora of options to tailor your ship to your liking.

The Deimos Star Yard in Starfield is a crucial location for players seeking to enhance and customize their spacefaring experience. By following this guide, you will be able to locate, dock, and make optimal use of the resources available at the star yard, ensuring your journey through the cosmos is as smooth and personalized as possible.

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