Starfield players share game-changing discoveries after 100 hours of gameplay 1

Starfield, the expansive space exploration game, has been captivating players with its vast universe and intricate details. However, even after 100 hours of gameplay, some players are still uncovering hidden features and mechanics that can change the way they approach the game.

One player recently took to Reddit to share their astonishment upon discovering that they could select specific landing spots on planets. This revelation came after two full playthroughs, highlighting the depth and complexity of Starfield’s mechanics.

The post quickly became a hub for players to share their own “did you know you could do this?” moments, leading to a treasure trove of tips and tricks.

Here are some of the top discoveries shared by the community:

  1. Zooming In and Out: Players can zoom in and out on planets, systems, and the Star map using the RT and LT buttons on Xbox.
  2. Equipping Companions: Companions and crew members can be equipped with any clothing, weapons, suits, and throwables. Giving them just one bullet or grenade grants them infinite ammo or grenades.
  3. Outpost Landing Pads: Building an outpost landing pad provides access to most standard ship parts from every maker. However, some specific gear still requires specialized vendors.
  4. Crafting Materials: For those into crafting, the trade authority in New Homestead Titan is the place to go for adhesive. Meanwhile, High Tensile Spidroin, a rare material, can be found in the “frozen mountains” biome on Linnaeus II.
  5. Fast Travel Trick: Players can fast travel directly to points of interest like abandoned facilities and outposts. By following a specific sequence, they can land directly at the location, saving them a long trek.
  6. Ship Thrusters: While many players are aware of ship boosters, not everyone knows about thrusters. These allow ships to move up, down, and strafe, enabling players to drift like in a race car. This is especially useful during space combat.
  7. Ammo Containers: A simple yet crucial tip: if an ammo container’s light is on, it contains ammo. If the light is off, it’s empty.
  8. Loading Screen Tips: Some players found humor in the game’s loading screen tips, with one pointing out the obvious: “Shotgun mastery perk increases the damage and effectiveness of your shotguns.”

Starfield continues to surprise and delight players with its depth and attention to detail. As the community delves deeper into the game, who knows what other secrets they’ll uncover?

With a universe as vast as Starfield’s, it’s no wonder players are still making discoveries. Here’s to many more hours of exploration and revelation!

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