Starfield players crave more boarding action in space combat 1

In the vast universe of Starfield, space combat is an integral part of the gameplay experience. However, the community is currently divided on the mechanics of space combat, specifically when it comes to the outcomes of losing a battle.

While some players are calling for the introduction of boarding mechanics, others are focusing on mastering the existing combat system.

When engaging in space combat in Starfield, players need to pay close attention to their ship’s shields, as they are vital for survival. Once the shields are down, the ship’s hull becomes vulnerable, and if the hull health drops to zero, the ship will explode.

To prevent this, players are advised to always have ship parts in their cargo for quick repairs and to think strategically about their approach to combat, attacking from behind to avoid return fire.

Despite these strategies, some players feel that the current system is lacking in variety, expressing a desire for the option to be boarded by NPCs instead of facing certain destruction when losing a battle.

“I feel like getting boarded by pirates would be pretty exciting honestly,” one player shared, highlighting the potential for intense and immersive gameplay inside the ship.

Others in the community have pointed out the lack of electromagnetic weapons used by enemies, calling for a more balanced approach to space combat. “At now the enemies avoid all kind of em weapons, like we’re the only ones who thought about it and it feels cheap,” a player noted.

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The idea of boarding mechanics has also raised concerns about the potential for chaos, with players humorously imagining the uproar that would ensue if a space pirate threw a grenade in their trophy room.

“Can you imagine how upset people would get? Keyboards would fly lol,” a player joked.

Despite the divided opinions, the community’s discussions highlight a deep engagement with the game and a desire for more varied and immersive gameplay experiences.

Whether it’s mastering the art of space combat or defending their ship from the inside, players are eager to explore all that Starfield has to offer.

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