How to Romance Sam Coe in Starfield: Guide 1

Starfield offers players a myriad of experiences, including the ability to form relationships with various characters. One such character is Sam Coe, a companion with a rich background and dynamic personality.

This article will delve into the intricate process of romancing Sam Coe, providing a step-by-step guide for players seeking to explore this relationship path.

Steps to Romance Sam Coe in Starfield

Sam Coe is not just a companion; he is a character with depth, having a daughter, Cora, and a complex relationship with his ex, Lillian. His protective nature, sense of humor, and openness about his feelings add layers to his personality, making the relationship journey with him intriguing.

The game’s intricate dialogue options and relationship dynamics allow players to experience various aspects of character interactions, adding to the richness of the Starfield experience.

Building Relationship

In Starfield, relationships are pivotal, and romancing Sam Coe begins with building a solid rapport. Players must focus on accumulating ‘likes’ by choosing dialogue and actions that Sam prefers. Any appearance of a ‘dislike’ should prompt a reload of an autosave to rectify the situation.

A crucial element in fostering this relationship is unlocking and leveling up the persuasion skill, allowing players to navigate conversations adeptly and appease companion ions, thus earning more ‘likes.’

Conversations and Flirting

Engaging Sam in conversations is essential. Players should always opt for dialogue options that involve him and look for opportunities to flirt. This cycle of earning ‘likes’ and indulging in flirtatious conversations should be repeated until Sam’s mission quest becomes available.

Mission Quest

Upon unlocking Sam’s mission quest, players must complete it and choose the romance option at the end to continue the romantic relationship. This quest is a pivotal moment in solidifying the bond with Sam.

Commitment Conversation

Following the mission quest, Sam will initiate a conversation about commitment. Players will need to converse with Sam and his daughter, addressing any concerns and affirming the commitment to proceed with the relationship.


After resolving the commitment conversation, players can marry Sam Coe, unlocking the romance guide achievement and marking the culmination of the romantic journey with Sam.

Ending the Commitment

For those wishing to explore relationships with other companions, a conversation with Sam can be initiated to end the commitment, allowing players to pursue other romantic interests.

Romancing Sam Coe in Starfield is a multifaceted process involving relationship-building, meaningful conversations, and commitment. The journey with Sam offers insights into his background, personality, and values, reflecting the depth of character relationships in the game. By following this guide, players can navigate the complexities of romancing Sam Coe, exploring the myriad of experiences Starfield has to offer.

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