Starfield's Akila City disappoints players expecting a bustling capital 1

When players first set foot in Akila City, the capital of the United Colonies in Starfield, they might expect a bustling metropolis, a beacon of civilization in the vastness of space. However, what they find is a city that seems to be stuck in time, with muddy paths where paved roads should be, and a lack of development that doesn’t quite fit the bill of a capital city.

It’s been over 160 years since Akila City was founded, and players can’t help but wonder why the city hasn’t seen more progress. The threats outside the city walls are real and deadly, but why hasn’t the city expanded vertically or gone subterranean? The current state of Akila City feels more like a frontier town than the heart of a government, leaving players wanting more.

The community has chimed in with their thoughts and suggestions on how to bring Akila City to life. From adding a stockyard with elk-meat wandering through, heading into a slaughterhouse at certain times of the day, to implementing interactions with NPCs that change based on your reputation and quests completed. Players are craving for a city that feels alive and dynamic.

One player pointed out the stark contrast between the city’s lack of infrastructure and the advanced technology available in the game, “They have robots capable of autonomous combat decisions, spaceflight easy enough that a backwater merchant on Cydonia can purchase a used ship and pilot.” The discrepancy is clear, and it leaves players questioning the world-building choices.

The call for modders to step in and add proper roads, at least inside the city itself, is a testament to the community’s desire to see Akila City reach its full potential. The city has the foundation to be something great, but it needs that extra push to truly shine.

Akila City in Starfield has left players wanting more. The capital city of the United Colonies has the potential to be a hub of activity, innovation, and intrigue, but it needs development and attention to detail to truly live up to its title. The community has spoken, and they’re ready to see Akila City become the city it was meant to be.

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