Starfield fans call for "serious update" much like Cyberpunk 2.0 revamp 1

The Starfield community is voicing a growing sense of discontent with the game, calling for Bethesda to implement a significant update akin to Cyberpunk 2077’s transformative 2.0 overhaul.

Despite initial enthusiasm for the game, Starfield players are finding themselves exhausted by the game’s current state, citing a lack of new content and frustrating gameplay mechanics.

A player expressed their frustration on Reddit, stating, “I can’t bring myself to play it anymore… I have done everything I could possibly do in the game with no new objects or items to try out.”

This sentiment is echoed by many in the community, who feel that the game, while initially engaging, has become stagnant.

The discussion has sparked comparisons to Cyberpunk 2077’s journey, which saw CD PROJEKT RED revitalize the game with substantial updates and new features, earning it the “Best Ongoing Game” award at The Game Awards 2023.

Players are urging Bethesda to take a similar approach with Starfield, suggesting a complete overhaul of many of the game’s mechanics and systems, along with a significant injection of new content.

Other players suggest taking a break from Starfield and exploring other games, with comments like, “Play something else bro, it’s not a live service game,” and “It’s ok to play something else for a bit.”

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However, others are more critical, pointing out inconsistencies and design flaws that hinder the gameplay experience. “The act of playing the game interferes too much with the fun of playing the game,” shared one player, highlighting the need for more intuitive gameplay mechanics.

The community’s call for a major update is not just about adding new content but also about refining the existing gameplay experience. Players are looking for improvements that address the core issues they face, such as cumbersome mechanics and the lack of meaningful exploration rewards.

Bethesda’s response to these concerns will be crucial in determining the future of Starfield. The game’s ambitious scope and detailed universe have captured the imagination of many, but without significant updates and improvements, there’s a risk that players will continue to drift away.

The Starfield community’s call for a “serious” update reflects a desire for a game that not only promises an expansive universe but also delivers a consistently engaging and evolving gameplay experience. Whether Bethesda will rise to the challenge, as CD PROJEKT RED did with Cyberpunk 2077, remains to be seen.

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