What to do with extra Pals in Palworld: Every option explained 1

Do you have a lot of extra Pals that are cluttering your Pal Box Management or taking too much space in your base?

This Palworld guide will show you four effective strategies for managing those surplus Pals.

What to do with extra Pals in Palworld

A key aspect of Palworld’s gameplay is catching a wide variety of Pals by using Pal Spheres. These Pals could stay in your party to help you in combat or aid you in the tasks available in your base. Players could also get bonus experience by catching Pals of the same kind. However, this creates the problem of having too many extra Pals.

1. Drop the Pals

The simplest method to handle extra Pals is to drop them. You can do this by going to your Party tab and pressing R to drop them. They will be stuck in their sphere on the ground, and you may still view their stats and information.

Of course, there are still more useful ways in which you could get rid of those extra Pals.

2. Use the Pal Essence Condenser

The Pal Essence Condenser is used to enhance or boost Pals of the same kind. To get the Pal Essence Condenser, you need to be level 14 and use Ancient Technology Points. You will need the following materials to build:

  • 20 Paldium Fragments
  • 20 Ingot
  • 5 Ancient Civilization Parts
What to do with extra Pals in Palworld: Every option explained 2
Use the Pal Essence Condensor to get rid of unwanted Pals in Palworld

Once you have built the Pal Essence Condenser, you will need to select the Pal that you want to upgrade. Then, select extra Pals of the same kind to fill up the Pal Extract meter. You should take note that the Pals which you have selected will be sacrificed, so it’s wise to keep ones with good passive skills!

3. The Meat Cleaver

A more brutal way to get rid of your Pals is by using the Meat Cleaver. To obtain it, you will need to be level 12 and use 2 Technology Points to unlock it. The materials needed to craft one are as follows:

  • 5 Ingot
  • 20 Wood
  • 5 Stone
What to do with extra Pals in Palworld: Every option explained 3
The Meat Cleaver is a more brutal way to handle your excess Pals

Once you have crafted the Meat Cleaver, you will need to put it in an equip slot. The next step would be to summon the Pal which you do not need, press 4 to bring up the wheel menu and select “Butcher (Pal’s Name)”.

This action slaughters the Pal and although it’s pixelated, it can still be quite cruel to watch. After the action, you will receive the usual loot dropped by the Pal.

4. Sell Your Pals

You can also sell the Pals which you no longer need by simply going to a Small Settlement. The location is found below:

What to do with extra Pals in Palworld: Every option explained 4
Head on over to the Small Settlement to sell your additional Pals

Once you arrive through teleportation, you will need to go into one of the houses to find the Pal Merchant. You will simply talk to the merchant and sell your Pals for Gold.

What to do with extra Pals in Palworld: Every option explained 5
Here’s how to get to the Pal Merchant

These are the ways you could get rid or make use of your extra Pals in Palworld. There may be more features to be added in Palworld as they are still in early access.

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