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If you’re looking for the best items to sell for profit in Palworld, look no further! We’re listing everything from farmable berries to precious shields to help you rake in the much-needed gold for your base. 

Gold coins are often overlooked early on in your Palworld gameplay, but these precious stashes can be an absolute game-changer as your base grows! In Palworld, gold coins can be used to buy materials such as ammo, food, and even medicine that can take a while to craft. 

If you’re wondering about the most efficient way to gain Gold coins in Palworld, you’re in luck. A Reddit user recently crunched the numbers for the best items to sell in the game. 

While at first glance, the most reasonable items to sell include the expensive items and boss drops like Emeralds and Diamonds, you may be surprised at the most worthy items to profit from in Palworld! 

Best Items to Sell for Gold Coins in Palworld 

According to the Reddit post, “profit” in Palworld cannot be computed in its price alone. Players should also consider the drop rates of the items, whether the items are farmable or not, and the workload the players (and their pals) need to exert in making the item. 

While some precious gemstones indeed bring many Gold coins to your inventory, their drop rates are highly unreliable, and they wouldn’t be a suitable primary source of income. 

From Wheat to Mega Shields – here are the top 10 items best for profit in Palworld!

Palworld: 10 Best Items to Sell for Profit 2

10. Mega Shield

You may be surprised that an armor item is on the list – but given the Mega Shield’s high sale price, this craftable item is worth a chunk of Gold coins in the game. Crafting a Mega Shield can be accessed by Level 16 in the technology tree. You’ll only need 30 Palladium Fragments and 5 Ancient Civilization parts to craft a mega shield. 

Sale Price: 3120 Gold Coins per item 

9. Jam-filled Bun

Get ready to cook with your Kindling Pals, as Jam-filled buns rank ninth in the list of most profitable items. Crafting this consumable only takes a couple of red berries and one unit of flour. Making its 60 Gold Coins sale price a huge profit for its work and material cost! 

Sale Price: 60 Gold Coins

8. Cooked Meat

Beyond the farmable items on this list, cooked Pal meat is another item that’s very easy to acquire. If you’re speeding through the forests and hills of the Palpagos Islands, you’ll likely farm Lamball Meat or Chikipi Meat at the most random moments, making this sellable item very cost-efficient for farming Gold Coins. 

Sale Price: Varies

7. Repair Kit

This craftable item may be an unexpected member of this list, but don’t overlook the 20 Gold Coin profit in exchange for an item crafted only with fibers and stones! 

Sale Price: 20 Gold Coins

Palworld: 10 Best Items to Sell for Profit 3

6. Tomatoes

If you’re looking for items to sell that seemingly take minimal to zero effort on your end, renewable and farmable items are your best bet. Tomato Plantation can be unlocked at Level 32 in the Technology Tree, which lets you have a bottomless source of tomatoes as long as your planting Pals are hard at work! 

Sale Price: 15 Gold Coins

5. Wheat

Another farmable item in this list, wheat, takes a higher spot than tomatoes for the most profitable items in Palworld. The major difference is that Wheat Plantation can be unlocked earlier in the Technology Tree at Level 15. Wheat also takes less time to regrow compared to other higher-level counterparts.

Sale Price: 10 Gold Coins

4. Wool

Much like Pal meat, wool can easily be acquired even at times when you don’t mean it. The Pals that drop wool include Lamball and Cremis, both Pal breeds scattered all over Palpagos Islands. 

Sale Price: 10

3. Cooked Berries

Compared to wheat and tomatoes, berries require more effort to return higher profits. However, this very renewable item is perfect for “AFK farming” for Gold Coins, as your Pals will do most of the work planting and cooking these berries. Berries also respawn at a much higher rate compared to other farmable items in the game. 

Sale Price: 10

2. Pizza

Once you unlock the Electric Kitchen at Level 41, you’ll also unlock an opportunity to cook an item that’s worth a ton of Gold Coins for profit. Pizza requires berries, flour, tomatoes, and milk, materials that are pretty much available in your base once you reach a higher level. 

Sale Price: 290 Gold Coins

Palworld: 10 Best Items to Sell for Profit 4

1. Nail

We bet you’re surprised by the top item on this list – don’t worry, we are, too! Nail nets you a whopping 160 Gold Coins once sold to merchants, which is of great value considering that it only takes one Ingot piece to craft a unit of this profitable item. If you’re ready to rake in Gold Coins for your Palworld base, make sure to craft nails! 

Sale Price: 160 Gold Coins 

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