Genius Palworld trick lets you keep your pals while farming for loot

Genius Palworld trick lets you keep your pals while farming for loot 1

A Palworld player shares a mount trick that could help you farm schematics and item drops without bidding goodbye to your Pals. 

Palworld, the monster-taming game that took the world and Steam charts by storm, continues to charm its player base with tricks and surprising possibilities. Despite reports of a dwindling community, it seems like Palworld’s players are still happy to share discoveries in their worlds each day. 

Among the most significant roadblocks for some players are not the fierce Tower Bosses nor the gigantic Alpha Field Bosses – it’s their feelings for their beloved Pals. Some essential loot, such as schematics and Pal Soul, can only be acquired through butchering your Pals. This could mean heartbreak to some players who could never resist their cuteness!

Thankfully, a player shared a nifty trick that lets you keep your adorable pals while farming for much-needed loot – and all you need is a saddle. 

Palworld players can now farm for loot without losing Pals

In the clip shared on r/Palworld, the player shows that mounting a Pal on your team after butchering them seems to revive the Pal instantly. The player could repeatedly farm their Frostallion, aptly named “Butcher Boy,” while keeping the level 50 Pal in their team. 

This trick could come in handy when farming for legendary-grade schematics, which could be life-threatening for both your character and your pals when it comes to repeatedly fighting the most powerful Pals. 

Let’s say you’re farming for the Legendary Rocket Launcher. You would only need to fight and capture a Jetdragon once, and you can farm them endlessly using this trick. 

Many other players expressed their surprise in the comment section. Some denote that they wish they had known of this trick earlier when they were farming from Pals in dangerous terrain, just like Blazamut. 

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On the other side of the coin, it seems like some players are against the idea of abusing glitches for end-game content. One player noted that with this trick, there would be no challenge to obtaining even the rarest schematics in the game, leaving players void of reason to continue playing the game. 

byu/yashpwnz from discussion

Whether or not repeatedly butchering your most beloved or highest-level Pals is a less brutal way to farm for loot is totally up to the players. But this trick will surely reflect on the overall Pal death statistics if such a thing exists. 

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