Palworld’s ‘butcher or not to butcher’ debate divides players

Palworld's 'butcher or not to butcher' debate divides players 1

Using the Meat Cleaver in Palworld has sparked debate about whether to ‘butcher or not to butcher’ their Pals.

Palworld, developed by Pocketpair and released in January this year, combines action adventure with base-building and monster-taming. Players may explore the world and catch as many Pals as they wish. The problem that many players face is having too many Pals in their Palbox, base, and party.

At first, players may not know what to do once they catch a lot of Pals, especially ones of the same kind. There are several things that players may do to their extra Pals. One of the cruelest ways, however, is to unlock and craft a Meat Cleaver to use on the Pals.

A player took to Reddit and asked if others don’t butcher their Pals using the Meat Cleaver. The users in the comment section were divided on what they do with the extra Pals they have.

A Reddit user shared that they feel bad about the whole thing, stating: “I don’t kill them, I would feel bad, it’s strange haha. I don’t even sell them, I just combine them to a stronger pal.”

The original poster responded to this, saying that condensing still ‘kills’ the Pal. This was rebutted by the user as they think of it more as fusing to become a singular Pal they all live in.

Many players agree that they would never succumb to killing their caught Pals and point out that they have never unlocked the technology in the first place. They have become attached to the Pals they acquired and would feel horrible getting rid of them in this way.

While some expressed love for a Pal as a reason not to butcher them, there are those who view it as a way to double the chance of getting legendary schematics. They were able to get the Legendary Heat Armor through this method. They indicated they will continue to catch and butcher Pals to get these schematics.

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There are Palworld players who would rather condense or sell the Pals instead of butchering them, as they believe that doing so gives them better value. They couldn’t see the point of ending a Pal’s life just to get a few materials again.

Some viewed the ‘to butcher or not to butcher’ debate through a moral standpoint or more of a gameplay decision. Players of Palworld will ultimately have the choice of what they want to do in the world, including whether they butcher, sell, or condense the Pals.

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