Palworld players demand fix for “ludicrous” condensing grind

Palworld players demand fix for "ludicrous" condensing grind 1

The outcry over Palworld’s demanding condensing process has reached a fever pitch, with players calling for a significant overhaul.

Palworld, the creature collection and adventure game, has recently come under fire for its “ludicrous” condensing grind, as players express their frustration over the excessive effort required to enhance their Pals. The game’s unique mechanic, intended to strengthen players’ creatures by sacrificing others of the same type, has become a point of contention due to its perceived impracticality.

The condensing process, critical for boosting Pal’s stats and Partner Skill level, necessitates many sacrifices – over a hundred for a single four-star enhancement. This has led players to criticize the system as overly grindy and demanding, detracting from the overall gameplay experience.

One player put it on Reddit, saying that condensing is “too grindy.” You’ll need 117 of the same Pal just to upgrade it once, which is a “ludicrous” amount.

Suggestions for improvement are abundant in the community. Players advocate for changes such as reduced requirements for each condensing step, increased worth of already condensed Pals, and enhanced storage solutions to manage the deluge of creatures needed for the process.

Another suggestion includes allowing Pals to be “liquified” into an item representing condensed essence, which would alleviate storage issues without diminishing the essence’s value.

The storage dilemma is particularly pressing, with players resorting to creative yet inconvenient solutions such as constructing viewing cages solely for extra storage. “I literally have one base just for viewing cages for out of palbox extra pal storage,” shared a player, highlighting the lengths some have gone to circumvent the system’s limitations.

Further compounding the issue is the game’s handling of previously ranked-up Pals, which still count as a single sacrifice regardless of their prior enhancements. This has led to calls for a reevaluation of how the condensing process acknowledges the effort already invested in enhancing Pals.

Palworld players demand fix for "ludicrous" condensing grind 2
Pal Condensation in Palworld (colarem)

Despite these challenges, the community remains engaged, offering detailed feedback and suggestions on refining the condensing system. From improving the Palbox’s capacity to rethinking how condensed Pals are valued in the sacrificial process, players are eager for changes that would make enhancing their companions less of a chore and a more enjoyable aspect of the game’s progression.

As the developers weigh these concerns, the Palworld community hopes for a swift and effective response that addresses the grind while preserving the game’s core appeal. Whether through adjusting condensation requirements or enhancing storage solutions, there’s a clear desire for a balance that respects players’ time and effort.

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