Palworld fans lament Chikipi’s “missed opportunity” for Zelda nod


Palworld players were saddened by the “missed opportunity” of Chikipi’s utility in reference to a Legend of Zelda character.

Palworld is an open-world survival monster-taming game developed by Pocketpair. In the game, players are able to explore the world, build their bases, and catch Pals of various types with their Pal Spheres.

When players enter their worlds for the first time, there are a few Pals that they’ll first encounter. These are the Lamball, Cattiva, and the Chikipi. They all have their own value in the game, but players were looking for more.

In a Reddit post, a player shared that the Chikipi not being a glider option is a missed opportunity. They added that the Pal could be the worst glider in the game but wanted to reminisce about Cuccos from the Legend of Zelda franchise.

Other Palworld fans wanted a different feature for the Chikipi on top of the glider. They wanted the Pal to have a Partner Skill where the players could press F in battle, and it would summon other Chikipis, attacking one target. This was another reference to the Legend of Zelda.

Another Palworld player suggested that if a gliding Chikipi is not an option, they’d want a feature where hitting the Pal a couple of times, many of them would spawn out of nowhere to attack the player. They referenced the Paldeck, stating that Chikipis keep appearing.

Other players wished that there were better glider options in the game. They said that besides Galeclaw and Celeray, the other gliders are so slow they’d opt to use the crafted option. They knew that they didn’t have to use glider pals but recognized that they were useful in combat, thus having only those two options available.

Cucco paragliding in Zelda: Breath of the Wind (seven toad)

While some enjoyed sharing their ideas on how Chikipi could be more utilized, others were worried about the game being accused of copying. They stated: “God forbid Palworld get another thing people attribute to ‘copying Nintendo.'”

Whether or not players get the gliding Chikipi that they wish for or spawn random Chikipis out of nowhere, the development team of Palworld is continuously working on the game. Watch out for more updates!

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