Palworld’s latest update makes fire pals a deadly surprise for players

Palworld's latest update makes fire pals a deadly surprise for players 1

Palworld players were surprised to discover that their “Pals” can now turn into foes after the v.0.1.5 update. 

Palworld’s massive success, with over 20 million copies sold across all platforms, often makes players forget that the game is still in early access. With a seemingly “complete” world map and 137 Pals available in its current version, many people mistake their journeys with the monster-hunting game to be over.

Despite the game’s decreasing popularity, plenty of its loyal players are still eagerly waiting for future additions and updates to the gameplay. The most recent Palworld update was lauded by its community as the best patch so far regarding quality-of-life changes. 

However, not all changes in the recent update came as a pleasant surprise to Palworld players, as they discover that even your own Pals can now become foes due to the stacking heat sources. 

As per the v.0.1.5 update patch notes, environmental temperature changes now stack its heat or cooling modifications to the player. 

So players now must be wary of setting up their egg incubator areas because “if you put four campfires next to each other, the surrounding area will have the temperature of a volcano.”

Moreover, the stacks apply to all heat sources near the player – including your fire pals. This means you must change to heat-resistant armor near your forge area, where your best kindling pals are hard at work. 

One Palworld player should have remembered to don his heat-resistant suit when visiting their furnace area and quickly realized the mistake. 

byu/skewtr from discussion

While Pocketpair’s more realistic approach to in-game weather and temperature may be an excellent addition to some players, a few Palworld fans noted that the electric heater is now useless as most kindling or cooking items function as a heater. 

Beyond temperature modifications, other changes in the latest update include item sale price adjustments, base hotfixes, and (sadly) removing the bug that lets players capture the Tower Bosses. 

Stay tuned for more Palworld updates, discoveries, and guides with Level Push.

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