Palworld player’s Blazehowl Noct nukes everything with bizarre bug

Palworld player's Blazehowl Noct nukes everything with bizarre bug 1

A Palworld player surprised the community with an overpowered bug that lets Blazehowl Noct annihilate everyone on screen.

As more and more players spend time exploring the possibilities of Palworld, the game expanded from being a monster-taming game to a sandbox game with seemingly limitless possibilities. 

Almost a month after its release, Palworld players are still discovering several tricks, bugs, and features that could make their gameplay much more exciting. 

In a Reddit post, a player shared a bug where their Blazehowl Noct quickly decimated everything within its vicinity. In the clip, the player was using a Lv. 38 Blazehowl Noct against an Alpha Lv. 38 Wumpobotan. When the Pal used the attack on the Alpha Boss, a massive explosion lit up the screen, with several wild Pals meeting their demise in the aftermath. 

After seeing the video, many players expressed interest in the Fire Element Pal. Players claimed they needed a Blazehowl Noct before the developers got to the bug. 

Another Palworld player clarified that this bug is not exclusive to Blazehowl Noct. Instead, it exists on all Pals with the Ignis Rage skill, which causes a nuclear-level explosion in the game. The player further notes that while a few Pals can gain the Ignis Rage attack, the likelihood of the nuke bug occurring is limited. 

This is not the first time a Pal causing a nuke explosion was caught in a clip. In a Reddit post two weeks before the Blazehowl “Nuke” video, another player showed their Tanzee annihilating a whole field of Pals with the same skill. 

However, not everyone is enthused about the idea of their Pals going Oppenheimer in their servers. Some worried that such a huge explosion would leave their PCs and laptops steaming. But given the low possibility of the bug actually occurring, players can still train their Pals with Ignis Rage without worries. 

Would you be looking for ferocious Pals with Ignis Rage to try this out, or would you instead steer clear of the PC-burning nuclear attack? Let us know in the comments below!

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