Palworld's latest update resolves annoying glitches, sound issues on Xbox & PC 1

Palworld’s latest update aims to iron out some persistent glitches and sound issues for Xbox and Microsoft Store PC gamers.

Players of Palworld, the creature-companion survival game, have been grappling with various bugs and glitches, particularly on Xbox and PC. In a much-anticipated move, the developers have rolled out an update addressing these concerns, though the full patch notes are still under wraps.

This action comes amid widespread reports of glitches in the game, with the most notorious being the “Memory Reset Drug” bug. This issue, causing permanent reduction in capture power, has plagued players, leading the developers to advise against using this item until a fix is implemented. It’s unclear if this specific bug has been addressed in the latest update.

The scale of Palworld’s technical challenges is highlighted by the staggering number of over 50,000 bug reports filed. These range from broken multiplayer functionality and inaccessible servers to issues with saving data. Yet, the game’s popularity hasn’t waned, with impressive sales figures and a robust player base across platforms.

Despite these technical hurdles, Palworld has achieved remarkable success since its Early Access launch. The game’s unique blend of survival, crafting, and creature companions has resonated with millions, propelling it to over five million unit sales within just three days of its release. Its concurrent player count on Steam reached 1.501 million, ranking it the third highest in Steam’s history.

However, the game’s popularity hasn’t shielded it from controversies, especially concerning the design of its Pals and their resemblance to Pokémon. This has sparked debates over the boundaries of inspiration versus imitation in the gaming world.

For now, Palworld fans on Xbox and PC can breathe a sigh of relief with the latest update. But with the full patch notes still pending, many are eagerly awaiting more details on what exact fixes have been implemented.

While the update signals the developers’ commitment to improving the game, players are advised to stay tuned to official channels for further information on these fixes and future updates.

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