Palworld: How to Automate Berry Farming With Pals 1

Are you ready to turn your berry plantation into a thriving garden without breaking a sweat?

Well, buckle up, because I’m about to guide you through a simple yet effective way to get your Pals to plant, water, and harvest berries for you. Say goodbye to the tedium of manual farming and let your adorable Pals do the heavy lifting!

How to Get Pals to Farm Berries in Palworld

Berry farming in Palworld can be a delightful and productive activity, especially when you have the right Pals for the job. With these steps, you’ll transform your plantation into a berry paradise, efficiently managed by your Pals.

1. Understanding the Work Phases:

  • Planting: This is the initial phase where seeds are sown into the ground.
  • Watering: After planting, your crops need regular watering to grow.
  • Harvesting: Once fully grown, it’s time to gather those juicy berries!
Palworld: How to Automate Berry Farming With Pals 2
This is the harvesting phase of berry farming (Gamers Heroes)

2. Assign the Right Pals:

To automate this process, you need Pals with specific traits:

  • For Planting: Look for a Pal with the ‘Planting’ work suitability trait. This Pal will handle sowing seeds. An example is the Gumoss, a Grass-type Pal.
  • For Watering: Choose a Pal with the ‘Watering’ trait. A Water Pal like the Pengullet is perfect for this.
  • For Gathering/Harvesting: You need a Pal with the ‘Gathering’ trait, indicated by a green leaf icon. Many Pals have this trait, like the Cattiva.

3. Set Up Your Berry Plantation:

Palworld: How to Automate Berry Farming With Pals 3
  • Reach Technology Level 4 or 5 in the game to unlock the berry Plantation.
  • Place your Plantation and assign the Pals to their respective tasks.

4. Managing Your Pals:

  • Access your Palbox Management.
  • Select each Pal and assign them to the Plantation based on their suitability for planting, watering, or gathering.

5. Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor:

  • Once set up, your Pals will autonomously take care of the plantation.
  • Return periodically to collect the harvested berries.

Video Guide

Learn all about how to get your Pals to plant, water, and harvest berries in Palworld with Gamers Heroes detailed video guide below.

There you have it, a straightforward way to automate your berry farming in Palworld. With the right Pals assigned to each task, you can focus on other exciting aspects of the game while your Pals efficiently manage your berry plantation. Happy farming, and remember, a well-managed farm is the backbone of a successful adventure in Palworld!

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