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Today, we’re diving into the heart of what makes your base tick in Palworld – Gathering. If you’re looking to maximize efficiency in your base, then you’re in for a treat.

Let’s dive into how you can use the best Gathering Pals in Palworld to supercharge your operations.

Best Pals for Gathering in Palworld

Gathering is all about harvesting resources from your farms, crucial for various aspects of your base, like making Cakes for your Breeding Farm. But of course, before Pals can gather anything from the farm, there should be something on the farm like Wheat or Red Berries. Now, if you’re looking to hatch Pals specifically skilled in Gathering at level 20, you’ll need to start with breeding.

Verdash: The All-Rounder Gathering Pal

One of your top picks for Gathering should be Verdash. Verdash is a versatile Pal as they have level 3 in Gathering, and Handiwork, then level 2 in Planting, Lumbering, and Transporting. In short, Verdash is an all-rounder for various tasks around your base. Normally, Verdash is found at a high-level Alpha dungeon (coordinates at 286, 8) at level 35, but there’s an easier way to get it – breeding!

Best Gathering Pals in Palworld 2
Verdash has level 3 Gathering (ConCon)

How to Breed Verdash

To breed Verdash, you’ll need Lamball and Penking. Lamball is quite common, but Penking can be found at a level 15 Alpha raid at coordinates 114, -352. Make sure one is male and the other female, and once you assign them to the Breeding Farm, an egg progress bar will appear. Eventually, you’ll get a Huge Verdant Egg, and voila! You can repeat this process to get more Verdash.

Best Gathering Pals in Palworld 3
Breed Lamball and Penking to get Verdash (ConCon)

Lyleen: The Planting and Gathering Expert

Don’t overlook Lyleen, especially if you’ve seen the best pals for Planting guide. Lyleen boasts Gathering level 2 and an impressive Planting level 4, making her ideal for managing farms solo. She’s definitely worth considering if you’re aiming for a streamlined farming operation.

Best Gathering Pals in Palworld 4
Lyleen is the best Pal for Planting but also has Gathering level 2 (ConCon)

How to Breed Lyleen

To breed Lyleen, you will need Petallia and Mossanda. Send them both to the Breeding Farm and you will get a Huge Verdant Egg. This egg will spawn your very own Lyleen. A guide on how to breed Lyleen can be found here.

Best Gathering Pals in Palworld 5
Breed Petallia and Mossanda to get Lyleen (ConCon)

Video Guide

Prefer a video guide? Visit ConCon’s comprehensive guide on the best Gathering Pals in Palworld and how to get them.

By strategically breeding and utilizing Pals like Verdash and Lyleen, you can significantly enhance your gathering and farming capabilities in Palworld. This approach not only saves you time but also boosts your overall productivity.

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