YamatoCannon blasts Karmine Corp for "terrible decision" in heartfelt goodbye 1

After Karmine Corp’s decision to replace YamatoCannon as head coach, the former EU LCS Coach of the split bids a painful goodbye to his former organization. 

Karmine Corp’s debut season in the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC) was off to a rough start after it bowed out early in the Winter Split. After the tournament’s lackluster finish, the organization decided to reshuffle its coaching staff. 

YamatoCannon drew the short straw amid the organization’s choice to reframe its approach to LEC. The head coach was replaced by then-assistant coach Reha in Karmine Corp’s bid for a better result in the LEC Summer Split. 

After Karmine Corp’s announcement, the seasoned coach retaliated by saying that the organization was “making a mistake” and that he wasn’t given enough time with the team. 

YamatoCannon labels his dismissal from Karmine Corp a “mistake”

In YamatoCannon’s YouTube video uploaded February 8, the former head coach laments that given more time, Karmine Corp would’ve seen progress and better results under his coaching. Furthermore, the 28-year-old coach that “strong, lasting relationships and fostering trust” will make the most out of a team. 

In the same video, YamatoCannon also states that Karmine Corp was “intact” under his coaching, “I am proud to say that we kept the squad intact in very tough times and the processes were getting better… the group still has my full support.”

On Reddit, fans of Karmine Corp expressed gratitude and admiration for YamatoCannon’s loyalty. Some even go as far as saying that the organization did not value the dedication its former head coach had toward the team. 

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In regards to his future plans, YamatoCannon says he will “be making myself ready for the time my team is ready for me” and clarifies that he is not interested in other LEC or League of Legends pro teams, hinting at a desire to return with his former French squad.

While YamatoCannon may have to sit out the rest of the 2024 Season, he certainly earned the respect of League of Legends fans worldwide. The community is hopeful about his return to the pro scene.

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