Karmine Corp shakes up coaching staff after regrettable LEC Winter 1

French powerhouse team Karmine Corp has replaced its League of Legends team Head Coach after its early conclusion to LEC Winter 2024.

Karmine Corp failed to make an impact in its much-anticipated LEC debut, bowing out of the split early. After only securing two wins out of nine games, the French organization reframes its approach to the rest of the season, with their head coach YamatoCannon the first to go.

The organization notably acquired the much-coveted League of Legends LEC franchise appearance after buying out the slot from Danish organization, Astralis. The chance to compete for the LEC crown reportedly cost Karmine Corp $18 million. 

After the ill-fated debut tournament, Karmine Corp announced on social media that former assistant coach Reha will assume the position of Head Coach while YamatoCannon moves to inactive status. 

Karmine Corp apologizes to fans for “not living up to the support”

Karmine Corp had a painful start early in the season after seeing seven straight losses to dominant European teams such as G2 Esports. However, the team did not bid goodbye to the tournament empty-handed as they managed to nab much-needed wins from SK Gaming and Team BDS for their last two games. 

However, the LEC Winter 2024 is not enough to paint the story for Karmine Corp. The team previously dominated the French League of Legends tournament, LFL, and were the winners of EMEA Masters 2023. 

Karmine Corp shakes up coaching staff after regrettable LEC Winter 2

Some of the notable changes from the EMEA Masters 2023 roster to their LEC Winter 2024 team include the addition of jungler Bo and botlaner Upset from Team Vitality. 

Former botlaner Caliste moved to Karmine Corp Blue, the organization’s academy team, while former jungler Cinkrof has yet to find a home in another European organization. 

With the coach shuffle, Karmine Corp only aims to show better results and yearns for an upward trajectory for their organization. The team has another chance to prove its wits and strength in the upcoming LEC Spring Season. 

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