League of Legends to nerf supports for return to “bot meta” in patch 14.6

League of Legends to nerf supports for return to "bot meta" in patch 14.6 1

League of Legends Lead Gameplay Designer announced 14.6 patch notes, including nerfs to support gold income and blows to early-game bullies. 

Much like the strategy involved in playing Summoners’ Rift and ranked games, League of Legends devs and players are also engaged in what can be likened to a turn-based game of wits and plays. When one strategy threatens LoL’s in-game balancing, it’s up to the devs to answer with a hotfix or even item overhauls. 

This is precisely what happened in the recent League of Legends patches, where formerly “overpowered” Twisted Fate suffered significant blows to his kit, dethroning him as the top pick for three lanes. 

Now, in the upcoming 14.6 patch, Riot Games is stopping the “OP” support meta in its tracks by nerfing starter items and decreasing gold income, which led to a strong state of the support role. 

League of Legends patch 14.6: Support nerfs, ADC buffs, and Voidgrub balances

Phroxzon, the Lead Gameplay Designer of League of Legends, details that devs still couldn’t implement their plans for ADC buffs due to the overpowered state of supports. The upcoming patch will, therefore, focus on nerfing supports while providing ADCs with their much-needed crit increase. 

This reaction follows a recent development in the 14.5 patch, where non-ADCs rule the bot lane with overpowered supports skyrocketing gold economy.

League of Legends to nerf supports for return to "bot meta" in patch 14.6 2
Current Bot Lane meta (u.gg)

Moreover, developers have considered the early-game snowballers, which may make the game less enjoyable for some. Beyond lane bullies, some items contributing to early-game dominance (Serrated Dirk and Hextech Alternator) will also be fine-tuned. 

The balance changes don’t end in the bot lane. Top laners will also enjoy taking on the Voidgrubs, which will now have fewer hitpoints and be easier pickings for top Champions. 

If you’re a Smolder main, this upcoming patch may not be your dream update. Riot Games plans to roll back on recent skill buffs on their latest Champion, particularly on the E damage that became a nightmare in the 14.5 patch. 

Other significant changes include Ornn item buffs, Senna nerfs, and restrictions on starting item “exclusivity.” 

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