League of Legends fans call for Twisted Fate nerfs amid rising dominance

League of Legends fans call for Twisted Fate nerfs amid rising dominance 1

Twisted Fate players seem to have been playing the right cards, as the Champion has climbed to a 52% win rate in three roles in the early 2024 Season. 

League of Legends has over 150 playable Champions. With a pool as large as your options in LoL, it is inevitable to look at win rate charts to help you decide which Champion to lay your hands on in your ranked games. 

Twisted Fate has been a sleeper hit in recent games, as the burst mage sees play time in three different lanes for the early 2024 Season. Based on the Riot-approved game algorithm ranker, Twisted Fate ranks 6th in the top lane, 11th in mid, and banks the 3rd ranking for the high-action bot lane in terms of win rate. 

On a post on r/LeagueofLegends, one player took notice of the rise of Twisted Fate’s new era. The player notes that the Champion’s “absurd level of move speed” and high-impact ultimate can throw off the game for the enemy. 

League of Legends players think it’s time to nerf “unstoppable” Twisted Fate 

While Twisted Fate is not an “off-meta” pick, these numbers are monumental based on his low pick rate. Even player favorites on the bot lane, Miss Fortune and Jhin, do not have the same dominance as Twisted Fate. 

His flexibility for ADC, AP, and AD builds makes Twisted Fate so versatile for all of these lanes. An AP Twisted Fate build with Rod of Ages and Rabadon’s Deathcap may be the most obvious pick for some TF players, and some suggest that Twisted Fate excels best as an ADC. 

Some of the nerfs suggested by the players include changes on his Stacked Deck (E) skill, which lets him stack magic damage and gain bonus attack speed – which could be a deadly combo in the bot lane. 

Moreover, players think Twisted Fate’s AD build is too “broken.” The current “off-meta” AD build for TF includes Kraken Slayer, Terminus, and Blade of the Ruined King, meaning the champion’s enemies must dodge cards hurling towards their way at such high speed and minimal cooldowns. 

On the other hand, some LoL players argue that there is no need to nerf Twisted Fate’s stats and kit. Most of these “new meta” improvements to his gameplay are from items, not his skills. 

Whether the power lies within the Champion’s kit or the new builds players are discovering, it is undeniable that his pick rate will continue to soar until devs take action on balancing. It is best to say for League of Legends fans to prepare to face Twisted Fate mains in any of these three lanes in your upcoming ranked games. 

Do you think Twisted Fate nerfs should be Riot Games’ top priority on the next League of Legends patch, or should the mage Champion enjoy the spotlight for a while?

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