Where to get Ores for Equipment in Clash of Clans

Where to get Ores for Equipment in Clash of Clans 1

Ores are vital in your Clash of Clans Home Village to upgrade your Hero Equipment. If you’re running low on the precious upgrade materials, here’s where you can get them! 

The newest Clash of Clans meta is far from the simple old strategies from years ago that focused on Giants, Golems, and Hog Riders. To maximize your offensive power, you must max out your Heroes and their recently introduced Hero Equipment. 

First added in the game last December 2023, the Hero Equipment allows your special troops to have special skills that can significantly aid your way to victory. You can increase your Heroes’ strength in the Blacksmith tower by leveling up the equipment with ores. 

If you’re ready to ramp up your Hero damage, here is our guide to obtaining the much-needed ores in Clash of Clans!

Where to get Ores for Equipment in Clash of Clans 2

What are the ores in Clash of Clans?

There are three types of ores in CoC, all used in upgrading Hero Equipment in the Blacksmith. 

  • Shiny Ore – is the most common and plentiful type of ore in the game. It also has the highest storage space in the Blacksmith. 
  • Glowy Ore – This ore is purple and pink-colored and a little harder to acquire than the Shiny Ore. It is used to upgrade equipment every three levels (3, 6, 9, 12…).
  • Starry Ore – This rare ore can only be acquired through Clan Wars and in-game purchases (with Clash of Clans currencies or gems). Given how hard it is to get, it is only (thankfully) needed to upgrade Epic-grade equipment. 

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Where to get the ores in Clash of Clans?

There are also three main ways of acquiring ores in CoC – daily multiplayer attack Star Bonus, Clan Wars, and Trader or Event Shops. 

Star Bonus

The easiest way to get ores in Clash of Clans is through the Daily Star Bonus. Simply attack enemy bases and earn five stars, and you’ll receive the much-needed ores. 

The amount of ores from the Star Bonus depends on your player League. It starts at the meager rate of 125 Shiny Ores and six Glowy Ores at Bronze I and grows into a whopping 525 Shiny Ores and 28 Glowy Ores by Master I. 

Ores are among the reasons (including extra Elixir and Gold loot) why you should grind your League and Trophies! 

Clan Wars

If you need to upgrade your Giant Gauntlet or Frozen Arrows, join Clan Wars. Starry Ores can only be obtained from attacking Town Halls 10 and above on Clan Wars, so make sure to call dibs and prepare your strategies to decimate your enemy villages! 

However, don’t be disheartened if you only see a scarce amount of Starry Ores on your Clan War Loot. This currency is almost as rare as rubies in Clash of Clans!

The Clan War bonus also grants the player both Shiny and Glowy Ores. 

Trader Shop and other purchases

Lastly, you may consult the Trader for some ores. It depends on the weekly circulation of Trader Shop items which ores are available to purchase using gems. However, as the rates for upgrades rapidly pile up as you level up, it is better to devote yourself to the Daily Star Bonus and join Clan Wars to save your precious gems. 

The ores are also available in seasonal event shops like the Cookie Rumble or the Dragon Festival events. You’ll need the event-special currency to purchase ores from these shops. 

Another way of purchasing ores is with real money with the special offers and bundles in the store section.

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