Where to get Capital Gold in Clash of Clans

Where to get Capital Gold in Clash of Clans 1

Once you unlock your Clan Capital, you’ll find another currency essential to improving your defenses and troops! Our guide explains how to get Capital Gold in Clash of Clans. 

From your Home Village to the Builder Base, Clash of Clans already knows how to keep its players preoccupied. But did you know that many more bases await your capable hands?

Once your Clan reaches Level 2, every member will have access to the Clan Capital – a game mode where you and your clanmates come together for a single goal: expand and conquer! But you’ll need Capital Gold to maximize your Clan Capital’s potential.

Below is our guide to acquiring Capital Gold in Clash of Clans. It’s time to boost your clan base!

Where to get Capital Gold in Clash of Clans 2

What is Capital Gold in Clash of Clans?

Capital Gold is the sole currency in CoC’s Clan Capital game mode. This currency is used to unlock base buildings by “rebuilding ruins.” There are nine distinct bases in the Clan Capital, starting with the Capital Peak, which serves as the “Town Hall,” followed by eight districts that unlock troops and spells. 

So, every progress in this game mode, from offensive troops and army size to the level and damage of defensive towers, is solely dependent on Capital Gold. 

Where to get Capital Gold in Clash of Clans 3

How to get Capital Gold in Clash of Clans

Raid Weekends

The best way to gain Capital Gold is through Raid Weekends. This weekly event calls for absolute teamwork for your clan mates! Each clan member has five attacks and earns Capital Gold for every building they demolish in a district. 

The more clan members attack, the more districts you’ll conquer. Also, it is highly worth participating in Raid Weekends to earn Raid Medals, which can be used to reinforce your Clan Capital or buy from the Trader Shop. 

Forging Capital Gold

You may also forge Capital Gold in your Home Base. This requires a free builder and a certain amount of village resources (Gold, Elixir, or Gems). However, this option comes at a high cost and takes considerable time with your builder. 

Where to get Capital Gold in Clash of Clans 4

Daily Rewards

The easiest way to claim Capital Gold is by simply logging in daily. Each player gets a daily reward in the area where you forge Capital Gold. This amount may be significantly small compared to the demands of Capital Gold for upgrades, but it is better than nothing.

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