Clash of Clans players warn against buying “insulting” Event Pass

Clash of Clans players warn against buying "insulting" Event Pass 1

Clash of Clans players slam Supercell for a “subpar” Super Dragon Event that feels like a prelude to more microtransactions and a pay-to-win scheme. 

Surviving in the fiercely competitive mobile game industry is no easy task, but Clash of Clans, a 12-year-old game, has managed to conquer it. One of the reasons for its enduring popularity is the constant addition of unique in-game content and exciting new events by the Supercell developers. 

Supercell has recently introduced limited-time events in Clash of Clans, each with its Event Pass. This mechanic, similar to a battle pass scheme in other games, has become a significant part of the game’s economy. These events, like the recent Dragon Express Event, often introduce event-only troops, Hero skins, and Hero Equipment, which are eagerly anticipated by the player base. 

Clash of Clans players are not holding back their disappointment with the current Super Dragon Event, with many expressing their belief that it’s nothing more than a blatant attempt to squeeze more money out of them. 

Clash of Clans’ latest Event Pass sparks major player boycott

The Super Dragon Event fails to introduce an event-exclusive troop compared to previous events. Instead, the Super Dragon troop is made available for all players with Town Hall 8 and above, with reduced training times.

Another significant point of comparison is the lack of special-themed Hero skins in the event awards. In the previous events, players can choose between (or opt for both, if they decide to spend on the event pass) the event-limited skin or the Epic-grade Hero Equipment. 

However, the Super Dragon event’s slim offerings do not end with its mechanics. Players slammed Clash of Clans devs for the “scarce resources” it offers, as the Event Pass does not offer anything significant beyond Ores. 

Clash of Clans players warn against buying "insulting" Event Pass 2

Given the “subpar” features and rewards, many players are worried that the Super Dragon Event will serve as a precedent for future microtransaction schemes in Clash of Clans. 

Players have already expressed dismay over the tight scheduling of Epic-grade equipment, resulting in a chokepoint over in-game resources such as the ores necessary for upgrades.

With Supercell offering the Ores in the event, this may serve as Supercell’s way of testing the waters to see if players are willing to pay the extra buck to ramp up the game’s quality of life. 

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As Clash of Clans devs have a great rapport with their player community and are often lauded for listening to bug fixes and meta-changes, most fans still hope Supercell will listen to the event’s lukewarm reception. 

The Super Dragon Event is available until March 21, 1 AM PST. 

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