Is Giant Gauntlet worth buying in Clash of Clans?

Is Giant Gauntlet worth buying in Clash of Clans? 1

The Giant Gauntlet, special Barbarian King equipment from the Clash of Clans event, is now in the Trader Shop! But is it worth your gems? Let’s find out. 

Only a few mobile games can stand the test of time, one of them being Clash of Clans in its strong 12-year reign over strategy games. What’s the “secret sauce” behind CoC’s continued success? Constant and frequent game additions and updates. 

Among the latest updates and mechanics is Hero Equipment, which empowers your Home Village heroes to their maximum levels! 

While most equipment can be unlocked by leveling up the Blacksmith, some special equipment is event-special, such as the Barbarian King’s Giant Gauntlet and the Archer Queen’s Frozen Arrow. However, the Giant Gauntlet is now available in the Trader market, and before spending your gems, let’s first see if it’s worth the buck!

What is Giant Gauntlet equipment?

The Giant Gauntlet was (formerly) event-limited Barbarian King equipment introduced in the December 2023 Cookie Rumble event. Players needed to grind specific tasks to acquire Cookie Medals, which could be used to buy the equipment or a hero skin. 

Is Giant Gauntlet worth buying in Clash of Clans? 2

This equipment works much like its name—it turns the Barbarian King into a giant entity of wrath that takes less damage. Instead of hitting only one tower, the tank hero swings his sword with AoE damage. 

Beyond that, the Giant Gauntlet also grants the Barbarian King extra damage, making him a nightmare in the enemy village. 

Should you buy the Giant Gauntlet in the Trader Shop?

If you missed out on the Cookie Rumble event, buying the Giant Gauntlet in the shop is more than a good idea – it is a MUST.

As of the February 2024 update, the Giant Gauntlet remains the most potent and helpful equipment for the Barbarian King in the Blacksmith. 

Is Giant Gauntlet worth buying in Clash of Clans? 3

Other B.K. equipment currently available pales in comparison to the damage and extra HP the gauntlet provides. The Giant Gauntlet also synergizes well with the second-best Barbarian King equipment, Vampstache, and works wonders with the Rage Vial. 

Is Giant Gauntlet permanent or temporary?

Supercell’s X account states that the Giant Gauntlet “will go away eventually” from the Trader Shop. 

While Supercell has no formal announcement on how long the Giant Gauntlet will last, some players theorize that it will be available for a few weeks and will rotate back in the shop again. 

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Another recent event-limited item is the Archer Queen’s Frozen Arrow, which may also be available in the shop in the future and may replace the Giant Gauntlet.

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