Clash of Clans reveals new Hero Equipment with insane area damage

Clash of Clans reveals new Hero Equipment with insane area damage 1

Clash of Clans devs have unveiled the latest addition to the Grand Warden’s kit: Fireball equipment, which deals devastating area damage to the enemy base. 

Just when Clash of Clans players thought that the Frozen Arrow would be the last epic Hero Equipment they’ll see in a while, Supercell reveals yet another addition to make your attacks unstoppable! 

Hero Equipment is the latest mechanic introduced in the 12-year-old strategy mobile game. Forged in the Blacksmith and upgraded with ores, these items could mean new attack possibilities and hero-centered offenses and even make or break your three-star strides. 

With the new Fireball equipment, the Grand Warden can become more than a support but a whopping damage-dealer. This Hero Equipment will be available in the upcoming Super Dragon Event, purchaseable in the Trader Shop with an event-exclusive currency. 

Super Dragon Event features Fireball Hero Equipment

The latest addition to the epic equipment line features a skill reminiscent of the Flame Thrower siege machine – only this time equipped to the support hero, Grand Warden. 

Unlike previous events, the Super Dragon Event would feature the fiery prowess of the Dragon’s elevated version. This event also would not feature event-exclusive troops such as the Cookie Rumble’s Ram Rider and the Dragon Festival’s Firecracker. 

During the event, Super Dragon will have shorter training times, be available for lower Town Hall players, and be leveled up to the highest level available to your Town Hall. This availability means a lot for Town Hall 10 (and below) players, who still do not have access to super troops. 

Among the highest-tier awards for the event is the Grand Warden’s Fireball equipment, which hurls a blazing meteor toward the enemy buildings. 

The newest epic Hero Equipment departs from the GW’s usual kit, which often features supportive abilities such as boosting nearby troop damage or making your army invulnerable from defense tower hits. 

Fireball’s massive AoE damage can easily one-shot defense towers with lower hitpoints and could effectively wipe out a pocket of the enemy base. Moreover, it also increases your Grand Warden’s DPS rate throughout your attack. 

Despite its impressive damage, not all players are amazed by the epic equipment. Some players would still prefer running the Grand Warden as a support unit, especially since the Fireball’s range only reaches four tiles. 

Clash of Clans reveals new Hero Equipment with insane area damage 2

With new Hero Equipment come new meta strategies and attack formulas. Given this addition, Level Push will keep a keen eye on new Grand Warden Charge / Walk possibilities. 

The Super Dragon Event will commence on March 11, 2024, at 1 AM Pacific Time. Get ready to demolish enemy bases with the fiery Super Dragon, a flying destroyer like no other!

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