Best Defensive Troops in Clan Castle for Clash of Clans

Best Defensive Troops in Clan Castle for Clash of Clans 1

Looking for the best defensive troops in Clash of Clans to ward off enemies? Look no further. This article lists the Top Defensive troops for your Clan Castle!

The strategy in Clash of Clans goes far beyond your attacks. Beyond the offensive front, your defense matters—from your village layout to your defensive troops. We’ve got your back if you’re looking for the best defensive troops to store in your Clan Castle to keep enemies at bay!

While the best defensive troop depends heavily on your current Town Hall level and base structure, some troops excel far better than others. Some units, like the Ice Golem, completely immobilize enemy troops, while the Headhunter can easily remove enemy heroes. 

We’ve listed the top defensive troops for your Clan Castle below!

Best Defensive Troops in Clan Castle for Clash of Clans 2

Top 8 Defensive Troops in Clash of Clans 


While many Clash of Clans players agree not to upgrade the Valkyrie, this unit is a secret weapon for your Clan Castle. 

Many players underestimate the power of the Valkyrie’s ability to hit multiple targets at once – after all, there are only a handful of enemy bases where defensive buildings are close and tight-knit with each other. However, the Valkyrie shines as a defensive troop against spam attacks. 

The Valkyrie’s downside is its weakness in defending against air units. This may not be your best option if you have a Town Hall 11 and above. 

Electric Dragon

Electric Dragon should be your base’s guard if you’re often attacked with smash attacks and ground spams. This unit’s chain attack makes it a lethal threat to low-HP enemy troops while still dealing good damage to the tank units at the front line. 

While the Electric Dragon is highly vulnerable to Queen Walks and Poison Spell, the lightning effect it leaves will still significantly damage enemy troops. 

Super Minions

The Super Minion is a nightmare for attackers to deal with! Given their high mobility, attack speed, and nimble nature, the Super Minion can easily target the attacking army from the Clan Castle without being frozen or poisoned. 

Moreover, the Super Minion also excels in taking out Queen Charge attacks. So if you constantly find yourself targeted with LavaLoon Queen Charges or other Queen-centered attacks, you may try recruiting some Super Minions as base keepers!

Best Defensive Troops in Clan Castle for Clash of Clans 3


The Headhunter is a menace to enemy attacks that focus on Heroes’ powers. It is made to decimate and eliminate all Heroes that step on your base. This unit is best for catching the Grand Warden off guard, which can throw off your enemy’s pacing and attack strategy. 

If you constantly find yourself a victim of Queen Charges, sign up the Headhunter as your new base guard. This swift and mighty unit will eliminate the vile Archer Queen with ease! 

Baby Dragon

Don’t mistake the Baby Dragon’s charm as anything that exudes humility and kindness, this troop is a mean defender for your base! Given its low space requirement, Baby Dragons are better than its chunkier counterpart, the Dragon. 

When enraged, the Baby Dragon deals a splash attack, ideal for warding off smash attacks or Witch spams. This adorable air unit is also hard to attack, even for the fiercest land units such as the Witch or a Super Archer. 

Unlike real-life babies, the Baby Dragon fares better when left alone. This makes this unit more viable when mixed with land troops. But make sure only to ask for one Baby Dragon to enable the enraged bonus!

Ice Golem

You may be confused about how a “tank” unit is an excellent defensive troop option, but don’t underestimate the “show-stopping” power of the Ice Golem! Unlike other high-HP troops, the Ice Golem can freeze once eliminated, throwing off the pacing of enemy attacks.

When this ability is combined with high-DPS troops such as a Dragon, the Baby Dragon, or Super Minions, you can trust that your enemies or attackers will scratch their heads in confusion, wondering where their troops went once the freeze spell is gone!

Best Defensive Troops in Clan Castle for Clash of Clans 4

Lava Hound

Another tank unit on the list, the Lava Hound, works best to take the attention of your enemy’s army away from their goal. Given the Lava Hound’s high HP, your attacker’s army will take a significant amount of time killing this troop instead of (trying) to wipe out your base.

Depending on how your enemy attacks, the Lava Hound may be a distraction while your defensive buildings easily wipe away the poor souls.

But the Lava Hound’s greatness as a defensive troop does not end with its explosion! Once it bursts into multiple Lava Pups, these smaller troops will be harder to kill with the Poison Spell.


Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned Town Hall 16 enthusiast, you will always have a penchant for the Balloon. Most of us are already probably aware that Balloons are a common sight in Clan War enemy Clan Castles, and it’s all for a good reason. 

The Balloon is relatively cheap in terms of housing space, making it easy to fill six to seven units of this troop, even for low-level clan members. This feisty air troop will drop bombs on your enemy troops, significantly damaging bigger hordes and even solo-carry strategies. 

You may also use Balloons with the Electric Dragon, Dragon, or Lava Hound. 

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