Clash of Clans players fed up with constant equipment additions

Clash of Clans players fed up with constant equipment additions 1

Clash of Clans has unveiled its latest event, Hero Equipment, only one month after the Dragon Express and Frozen Arrow, and surprisingly, it has drawn flak from players. 

If there’s one thing that keeps a 12-year-old game like Clash of Clans on the radar despite the hot competition in mobile games, it’s the devs’ willingness to keep the game interesting with constant additions and events. 

Supercell recently unveiled the upcoming event for Clash of Clans, with the mighty Super Dragon to spend time under the spotlight. Like the highlighted Super Troop, the event introduces a fiery new addition to the Hero Equipment line, the Grand Warden’s Fireball

However, it seems like the player community is less than amused by the Super Dragon event. On a Reddit post, a player expressed their dismay at having events and new Hero Equipment additions every month, to which the community agreed. 

Players beg devs to “slow down” Hero Equipment additions

Among the player’s concerns in the Reddit post is the inability to reach the maximum level upgrades for each epic Hero Equipment due to constant additions. It can be noted that epic-grade Hero Equipment needs Starry Ores, which are hard to come by in Clash of Clans. 

Meanwhile, some players chose to poke fun over the seemingly impossible task of upgrading Hero Equipment. 

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Supercell introduced the Hero Equipment mechanic and common-grade items last December, while epic-level additions are introduced during events—namely, the Giant Gauntlet during the Cookie Rumble event and the Frozen Arrow in the February Dragon Express pass. 

Given the strenuous past months for the players, it seems like the community grew tired of “grinding” event-special battle passes. 

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Given the frequency of additions, 18 Hero Equipment options are available in the game, with the Fireball being the 19th introduction. Players must scramble to gather ores and upgrade the Blacksmith to meet the demands. 

While all Hero Equipment is not made equally, with some being stronger and more viable than others, it can still be a herculean task for players to maximize the equipment’s potential, given the constant new content. 

The Super Dragon Event commences on March 11, 2024, at 1 AM PST. Meanwhile, the Clash of Clans community can enjoy the fanfare and awards while waiting if Supercell opts for a slower pace after the event. 

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