Is Fireball worth getting in Clash of Clans?

Is Fireball worth getting in Clash of Clans? 1

The Clash of Clans Super Dragon Event is underway, but should you get the new Hero Equipment – Fireball? We’re listing the good and the bad of the hottest new addition to the Grand Warden’s Kit! 

Clash of Clans players are in a heated race for victory in the Super Dragon Event. This exclusive event pass is your golden ticket to the rare and unique Grand Warden Hero Equipment, Fireball, a one-of-a-kind addition to your arsenal! 

Supercell has introduced a new way to obtain epic-grade Hero Equipment by grinding an event-special pass to earn a unique currency for the Trader Shop. This is your chance to get your hands on the Fireball equipment! 

If you’re wondering whether the Fireball equipment is worth the grind, look no further. We’ll answer all your questions about the Grand Warden’s new offensive prowess with this Hero Equipment!

Is Fireball worth getting in Clash of Clans? 2

What does the Fireball Hero Equipment do?

As fierce as its name suggests, the Fireball allows your Grand Warden to transcend its traditional ‘support’ role. No longer is the Grand Warden limited to healing or buffing your troops; now, it can unleash devastating damage on the enemy! 

This Hero Equipment features a special skill that hurls a huge scorching meteor upon activation. The skill has great AoE damage and can easily one-shot some weaker defensive towers, effectively lowering the hitpoints of one enemy village pocket. 

The Fireball’s impact area starts with a modest four-tile radius at its earliest level. It expands to five tiles by the ninth level and reaches a staggering six tiles on each side starting at level 18, significantly increasing its destructive potential. 

The meteor’s damage starts at a decent 1,500 hitpoints, snowballing to a whopping 2,200 by level 10 and 4,100 at its maximum level. 

The Fireball also grants the Grand Warden the most extra DPS on his normal attacks out of all Hero Equipment. 

How do I get Fireball in Clash of Clans?

Currently, the Fireball Hero Equipment is exclusive to the Super Dragon Event. 

You’ll need to win your multiplayer attacks to gain Ice Cubes, which serve as your progress in the Super Dragon Event Pass. The more successful your attacks are, the more Ice Cubes you’ll gain, with an extra bonus if you attack using the mighty Super Dragon. 

Is Fireball worth getting in Clash of Clans? 3

If you’re a player with a lower Town Hall, don’t worry! The event introduces the Super Dragon for a limited time for players with Town Halls 8 to 10. 

Clash of Clans may eventually introduce epic-grade and event-special Hero Equipment in the Trader Shop, just like the Giant Gauntlet. However, be prepared to spend a hefty amount of gems if you wait for the Fireball in the Trader Shop!

How to use Fireball in Clash of Clans 

The Fireball, as excellent of damage it havocs, may not synergize well with most attack strategies for the Grand Warden. 

The Warden is often used to invulnerable your troops with the Eternal Tome and give your army a significant buff with the Rage Gem. Adding the Fireball to your arsenal requires you to give up one of these two high-tier hero equipment. 

However, the Fireball works if your attack calls for a burst-damage-style attacker. You may also use this equipment for Warden Walks, making the Grand Warden a threat to the enemy base. 

Is Fireball worth getting in Clash of Clans? 4
The damage of a Fireball attack (Judo Sloth Gaming)

The Fireball synergizes well with the Earthquake spell, dealing massive damage to a portion of the enemy village. Considering that the combination of these two would easily decimate enemy walls, this strategy can open up the enemy base to a whopping ground attack. 

You may also use the Fireball to eliminate key defenses before setting down your troops, such as taking down Air Defenses or targeting Eagle Artilleries hanging on the outskirts of the base. 

Should you get the Fireball Hero Equipment?

The answer may not be as definitive as our guide to the Barbarian King’s Giant Gauntlet

The Fireball is still a great Hero Equipment but is very situational regarding its attacking prowess. You will need to adjust your attacking strategy if you’re used to using your Grand Warden as a support troop. 

However, the Fireball also opens up a handful of strategies that may not be possible with other troops or with other Hero Equipment. It can significantly change your attacking style, and if you’re a fan of burst-damaging the Town Hall or completely decimating chunks of enemy defenses like the Queen Walk, this may suit your style. 

While we would still suggest not missing out on epic-grade equipment, we have yet to see a specific meta or attacking strategy that caters to the Fireball. 

If you’ve already finished the Super Dragon Event, the Fireball is worth the buy. You may acquire magic items and ores through other means. However, we do not suggest spending on the Event Pass to get the Fireball. 

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