How to change chat text color in Clash of Clans

How to change chat text color in Clash of Clans 1

We’re here to give you a rundown on how to make your clan chat more exciting and colorful with Clash of Clans’ recent update, chat text color! 

Clash of Clans’ recent update was initially teased to feature a new Dark Spell and defensive tower upgrades. However, it seemed like Super Cell wanted to surprise its loyal player base by adding fun new colors in the Clan Chat!

While CoC players had mixed reactions over the latest addition, it is undeniable that seeing a pop of color in your clan chat lets your teammates be more expressive and adds a flair to your in-game communication!

If you’ve been seeing your Clan mates send eye-catching colors and you’re wondering how to do it, you’re in the right place. 

Clash of Clans: How to change chat text color

Available colors: As of the February Clash of Clans update, there are ten colors players can use in the Clan Chat, including the classic white text. The colors include black, white, light and dark red, light and dark pink, blue, green, azure, and yellow. 

Changing the text color: All you need is to format your message according to the color of your choice. Each color has a distinct “tag,” ranging from “C0” – “C9.” You will input the text in the middle of the tag of your desired color: <c9> Hello, Clanmates! </c> 

How to change chat text color in Clash of Clans 2

If you already have experience with some “light” coding, this would come as a breeze. But if not, don’t fret! You can simply copy-paste the template from our table below to send beautiful text in your chat. 

Color Format
Black<c0> your text here </c>
White<c1> your text here </c>
Light Red<c2> your text here </c>
Green<c3> your text here </c>
Blue<c4> your text here </c>
Azure / Light Blue<c5> your text here </c>
Light Pink<c6> your text here </c>
Yellow<c7> your text here </c>
Dark Pink<c8> your text here </c>
Dark Red<c9> your text here </c>

You can use multiple colors for a message: Yes, you can make your message even more colorful by using multiple tags. Remember to end the color with the “</c>” tag before starting your next color prompt! <c9> This text is Dark Red! </c> <c5> This text is Azure! </c> 

How to change chat text color in Clash of Clans 3

The color changes do not work for your player name: Do not be like this CoC player and use your free name change (or even spend for a name change) to try and include colors! The color additions only work in chat and not on other text inputs of the game. 

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