Clash of Clans Hero Equipment Tier List: Best Hero Equipment ranked

Clash of Clans Hero Equipment Tier List: Best Hero Equipment ranked 1

If you’re looking for the best Clash of Clans Hero Equipment to spend your ores on, look no further. We’re ranking the best equipment for all CoC heroes below!

Updated March 13, 2024: We’ve updated this tier list to include the newest addition to the Grand Warden’s arsenal, the Fireball. We’ll constantly update this tier list with the new meta and popular attack strategies in Clash of Clans!

Whether you’re a seasoned Clash of Clans player or an eager beginner, all players are still getting used to Hero Equipment. Supercell’s addition of the Blacksmith in the December 2023 patch introduced the age of the new CoC attack meta, where all heroes can unleash a beast on the battlefield! 

The Blacksmith is available on Town Hall 8 and requires further upgrades to unlock new equipment. 

Below, we’ll be listing the best Clash of Clans Hero Equipment based on its flexibility with different attack strategies, features, and overall impact on your way to conquering three-star invasions!

Clash of Clans Hero Equipment Tier List: Best Hero Equipment ranked 2

Clash of Clans Hero Equipment Tier List 

SEternal Tome, Frozen Arrow, Giant Gauntlet
AVampstache, Invisibility Vial, Healing Tome, Haste Vial
BHealer Puppet, Fireball, Giant Arrow, Seeking Shield, Rage Vial, Hog Rider Puppet
CEarthquake Boots, Life Gem, Royal Gem
DBarbarian Puppet, Archer Puppet

Best Hero Equipment In Clash of Clans Ranked

Eternal Tome

There was probably one instance when you were playing Clash of Clans and wondered, “What if there was a spell that makes my troops invulnerable?” Well, that’s precisely what this Grand Warden equipment does! 

The Eternal Tome is at the top of our list because it is irreplaceable in higher Town Hall attacks. Upon activation, it makes all your troops in the radius invincible, which makes it helpful in destroying weaponized Town Halls. 

Frozen Arrow

The most recent addition to the equipment choices is an event special item available during the Dragon Festival event of February 2024. What makes this equipment S-tier is its synergy with Queen Walk/Queen Charge attacks, which are among the most popular attack strategies for higher-level players.

The Frozen Arrow is also among the few equipment that do not need to be activated. Instead, all of your Archer Queen attacks will have the slowing feature.

This equipment helps destroy high-damage defensive towers such as the Inferno Tower (Single-Target), Scattershot, and Monolith. 

Giant Gauntlet

It seems that Supercell is fond of releasing “overpowered” equipment in limited-time events. The Cookie Rumble event equipment, the Giant Gauntlet, also sits on the S-tier of our list. 

The Giant Gauntlet helps turn the Barbarian King from a “tank specialist” to a great damage dealer. More than the cool effects of seeing your Barb King grow to a (comically) threatening size, the gauntlet also grants extra HP, AoE damage, and increased damage. 

The Gauntlet is helpful for both funneling or dealing significant damage on areas dense with defensive towers. 



Another great addition to the Barbarian King’s arsenal is the Vampstache. This is good equipment for longevity, as it lets the hero “drain HP” from the enemy towers it destroys. The best way to make the most of the Vampstache is to activate it when your Barbarian King attacks high-HP towers such as walls and storage. 

Stay clear of Inferno Towers and Spell Towers when you have a Vampstache. 

Invisibility Vial

The Invisibility Vial is reminiscent of the Archer Queen’s old ability that we know and love. If you’re using the Queen Walk / Charge strategy, this should always be part of your AQ’s kit. 

This equipment is vital for destroying high-damage defensive towers like the Inferno Tower or Eagle Artilleries (and is best combined with the Frozen Arrow equipment.) The Invisibility Vial is also the most flexible regarding attack strategy among all other Archer Queen items. 

Healing Tome

If the Eternal Tome grants invincibility, the Healing Tome gives life. This equipment is among the reasons the Grand Warden is considered “OP” in higher-tier attacks; it makes your troops almost unkillable on the battlefield. 

This equipment is best activated after conquering key defensive buildings or taking the enemy Town Hall (especially for levels where the TH leaves a poison spell.) 

Haste Vial

If there is a Hero you can trust to wipe most of the enemy base’s vital defenses, look no further than the Royal Champion. The hero herself already packs a punch, but when empowered by the Haste Vial, the Royal Champion can easily (and quickly) decimate a portion of the enemy base. 


Healer Puppet

Unlike all other puppet equipment, the Healer Puppet synergizes well with current Clash of Clans “meta strategies.” This item acts very much like the central element of the Queen Walk/Charge while also granting the Queen more hitpoints and survivability. 

While it is good to bring the Healer Puppet to free up some space on your army camp, it pales in contrast to overpowered items like Frozen Arrow and the “vital” Invisibility Vial. 


The latest addition to the epic-grade Hero Equipment is a meteor hurling down the enemy base! This fiery item makes your Grand Warden a better DPS and removes it from the support role. The Fireball can work well when combined with the Earthquake spell to crumble the defensive lines and decimate the walls of your targeted base.

While it has the biggest damage out of all Grand Warden items, the Fireball still has yet to be included in a specific strategy that caters to its damaging capabilities.

Rage Vial

The Rage Vial acts much like the old Barbarian King skill we know and love. This is also the most effective way to ramp up your first hero’s damage, as it boosts the damage per second and the Barbarian King’s attack speed. 

This equipment is best paired with the Vampstache, with the Giant Gauntlet as a good substitute for area damage. 

Rage Gem

In Clash of Clans, Rage is often associated with power and destruction. This item functions like a “portable” Rage Spell that empowers surrounding troops with extra attack damage and increased speed. 

But the Grand Warden isn’t exactly your go-to hero for destroying defensive towers. So, if you’re looking for the best equipment that makes the Grand Warden a better support for your damage dealers, you may opt for the Eternal Tome. 

Giant Arrow

The Giant Arrow acts like a piercing laser, damaging every enemy tower or troops it comes across its path. This item is best used for sniping hard-hitting defense towers such as a Single-Target Inferno Tower, Monolith, or Spell Towers. 

While the Giant Arrow is a formidable addition to the Archer Queen’s kit, other AQ items are more versatile with various attack strategies.

Seeking Shield

Imagine the chain damage of the Bowler and the Electro Dragon with the power of the Royal Champion—this is the power of the Seeking Shield. This equipment is best activated on “pockets” of defenses that could greatly damage even your mightiest tanks. 

This is excellent equipment for the Royal Champion’s kit when attacking “tight” enemy bases with close-knit defenses. 

Hog Rider Puppet

Another Royal Champion item and the second-highest puppet equipment on our list, the Hog Rider Puppet spawns seven (on its base level) Hog Riders upon activation. While Hog Riders are always welcome on the battlefield to chip away from menacing defense towers, a small horde of this troop may only wither away on higher-level buildings. 

The Hog Rider Puppet’s synergy with Grand Warden equipment, such as the Eternal Tome and the Rage Vial, makes it viable to use in the battlefield. Running the Warden and the Champion with these configurations can guarantee to cripple a considerable chunk of enemy defenses. 


Earthquake Boots

As one of the first hero equipment in the game, the Earthquake Boots are ideal for lower-level players from Town Halls 9 and below. The Earthquake Boots are best for opening up compartments or “heavily-walled” village centers your Wall Breakers cannot reach,

While it opens up tremendous possibilities for lower-level players, this equipment loses its charm after unlocking Siege Machines such as the Wall Wrecker or Log Launcher. 

Life Gem

The Life Gem is an excellent alternative to the Healing Tome. It grants a flat HP bonus to your troops instead of healing, making all your troops “tanky” with a more extended life bar. While some extra staying power is always good for any army, the Life Gem does not measure up to the potential of the Eternal Tome and the Healing Tome in dire situations, hence its lower placement. 

Royal Gem

The Royal Gem is one of the starter equipment for the Royal Champion, unlockable in the Blacksmith upon building the Hero. Upon activation, the RC heals a considerable amount of her HP. 

While the Royal Champion herself is powerful at destroying defensive towers, the Royal Gem does not affect her damage and is more of passive equipment. 


Archer Puppet

Archers are always a welcome addition to funneling and damaging non-burst defensive towers. However, given the vast options for Archer Queen equipment that significantly helps in conquering enemy bases, the Archer Puppet falls behind in strength and capabilities. 

Barbarian Puppet

Given the Barbarian’s low ranking as a troop, this equipment rarely significantly affects attack success. The best it can do is distract single-hitting defensive towers from attacking the Barbarians instead of their King. However, the spawned troops barely make a dent in the front line. 

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