When is Brawl Stars Season 24 update release date? Everything we know

Brawl Stars Sands of Time Update for Season 24

Brawl Stars fans are eagerly awaiting the launch of Season 24, and we’ve got all the details on what to expect and when.

Brawl Stars, the fast-paced mobile shooter from Supercell, has captivated players worldwide with its dynamic battles and diverse characters. As Season 23 draws to a close, the community’s anticipation for Season 24 grows stronger.

We already have our hands on the Season 24 balance changes, and it’s clear that these changes will shake up our Brawl Stars tier list in a wild way.

Wondering when Season 24 will drop and what new features it will bring to the table? You’re not alone. Let’s break down everything we know so far, from expected release timelines to exciting new content.

When will Brawl Stars Season 24 begin?

Brawl Stars Season 24 will commence on March 7, 2024.

Season 23 is scheduled to end on March 7, 2024, meaning that Season 24 will commence on the same day. Fans can look forward to a new Ranked mode, game mode, new Brawlers, and more.

When to expect Brawl Stars Season 24 update?

Brawl Stars Season 24 update is expected to arrive on Tuesday, February 27.

Brawl Stars usually drops updates as a surprise, and fans should expect the Season 24 update to be much the same.

Interestingly, the Brawl Talk on December 10 was quickly followed up with the #StarrToon update on December 12, just two days later.

It’s entirely possible that the Season 24: Sands of Time update will arrive in the coming days, well before the start of Season 24.

Melodie’s a new Mythic Brawler coming in Season 24

What’s coming in Brawl Stars Season 24 update?

New Brawlers coming in Season 24

Season 24 introduces Angelo, a sharpshooter who thrives in the swampy environments of Starr Park. With the ability to hover over water and poison enemies with his arrows, Angelo adds a new tactical layer to the game.

Alongside Angelo, Melodie, a Mythic Brawler with a unique musical attack mechanism, is set to join the fray, bringing harmony and destruction in equal measure.

When is Brawl Stars Season 24 update release date? Everything we know 1
Angelo is set to shake things up in Season 24 of Brawl Stars

New Ranked Mode and Trophy Escape

A significant highlight of Season 24 is the introduction of a new Ranked Mode, replacing the Power League with a system designed to be more rewarding and fair. This mode emphasizes skill and strategy, allowing only Brawlers of Power Level 9 or above to participate.

Additionally, the update introduces Trophy Escape, a solo mode where players vie for trophies, and the return of the Hypercharge Unleashed Event, adding even more variety to the game’s competitive scene.

Trophy Escape in Brawl Stars
Season 24 will introduce new game mode: Trophy Escape

Cosmetics and Customization Galore

The update isn’t just about gameplay; it’s also a treasure trove of new skins and customization options.

From the enchanting Sands of Time and fierce Ragnarok skins to the whimsical LINE Friends pack, players have a plethora of new looks to collect and flaunt. Not to mention, the introduction of Mecha Skins and the return of True Gold and True Silver skins provide even more ways for players to personalize their Brawlers.

As we await the official release date, it’s clear that Season 24 of Brawl Stars is shaping up to be one of the most exciting updates yet. With new Brawlers, modes, and a plethora of cosmetic options on the horizon, players have a lot to look forward to. Stay tuned, as the Sands of Time are about to unveil a new chapter in the Brawl Stars saga.

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