Brawl Stars Tier List: Best Brawlers ranked (February 2024) 1

If you’re into Brawl Stars, you know how crucial it is to keep up with the game’s ever-changing meta. That’s where our Brawl Stars tier list comes in handy. It’s a ranking system to help you understand which Brawlers are currently dominating the game.

But with new updates and Brawlers being added regularly, it’s not always easy to keep track. Don’t worry! This article will provide you with our expert Brawl Stars tier list and will help you stay ahead of the curve. If you’re instead looking for our Best Brawler Rankings, you can click here to skip ahead.

So, ready to level up your game? Let’s dive into the world of Brawl Stars and explore the best Brawlers in the current meta. With the knowledge you’ll gain from our Brawl Stars tier list, you’ll be crushing your opponents in no time.

Updated on February 20, 2024: Just a quick heads up – we’ve updated our tier list to ensure it’s spot-on for February 2024. Larry & Lawrie are still dominating the game, and some recent buffs and nerfs are shaking up the meta. Whether you’re strategizing for Power League or just curious about where your favorite Brawlers stand, we’ve got you covered.

Brawl Stars Tier List: Best Brawlers ranked (February 2024) 2

Brawl Stars Tier List

SAmber, Bo, Charlie, Colette, Cordelius, Fang, Larry & Lawrie, Leon, Pearl, Rosa, Spike, Stu, Sandy
A8-Bit, Belle, Colt, Edgar, Eve, Gray, Jacky, Kit, Maisie, Mandy, Meg, Mico, Nani, Pam, Piper, R-T, Shelly
BBarley, Bea, Bonnie, Brock, Buster, Byron, Chuck, Crow, Dynamike, Gale, Lola, Lou, Nita, Otis, Rico, Ruffs, Squeak, Tick
CBull, Buzz, Carl, Emz, Gene, Grom, Gus, Janet, Jessie, Mortis, Mr. P, Poco, Sprout, Surge, Tara, Willow
DAsh, Chester, Darryl, El Primo, Griff, Max, Penny, Sam
FBibi, Doug, Hank, Frank

Looking for our Best Brawler rankings? We’ve ranked the S-Tier Brawlers from best to worst just below. Click on a Brawler name to learn more, or continue reading to see our list of best Brawler rankings, including the best Brawler in the game.

Best Brawlers in Brawl Stars Ranked – February 2024

These S-tier brawlers are the cream of the crop in Brawl Stars, exemplifying the pinnacle of power and utility. They are not just powerful but also bring a level of versatility that makes them valuable in almost any team composition or game mode.

Below, we’ll rank the best Brawlers in the game, starting with the very best Brawler in Brawl Stars today.

1. Larry & Lawrie

Larry & Lawrie in Brawl Stars

Larry & Lawrie, despite enduring four significant nerfs, unequivocally hold the throne as the best brawlers in Brawl Stars.

Their supremacy is attributed to their unmatched damage output and the challenge opponents face in countering them effectively. This duo’s strength doesn’t solely rest on their resilience to nerfs but also in their unparalleled versatility, making them formidable contenders across various game modes and scenarios.

Their dominance is further solidified by their unique ability to maintain high damage levels, a facet that many players are calling to be nerfed. While their Star Power has seen reductions, it’s their raw damage capability that continues to set them apart. The robots, integral to their gameplay, not only possess substantial health pools but also contribute significantly to their offensive prowess.

Moreover, the comparison to Grom’s initial release—where the instant ground shots were overwhelmingly powerful—highlights the immediate and impactful damage Larry and Lawrie can inflict, even at close range, a rare trait for throwers. This aspect alone underscores the need for further adjustments to balance their in-game performance.

In essence, Larry and Lawrie’s ability to excel in damage output, coupled with their high versatility and the strategic depth they add to team compositions, cements their position as the top brawler in Brawl Stars. Their continued presence at the pinnacle of the game’s meta, even after multiple attempts to balance their power, is a testament to their design and the challenge they pose to both opponents and game developers alike.

2. Leon

Brawl Stars Tier List: Best Brawlers ranked (February 2024) 3

Leon shines as a master of stealth and agility in Brawl Stars, securing his position as one of the game’s most versatile brawlers.

His hyper charge ability revolutionizes gameplay, allowing him to maintain invisibility while healing and attacking, a feat unmatched by his peers. This, combined with a 20% speed increase and a 25% boost in damage and shield, renders Leon nearly invincible during engagements.

His adaptability across various maps and modes, along with the ability to quickly cycle his super, makes Leon a formidable opponent, consistently outmaneuvering and outlasting adversaries in the fast-paced arena of Brawl Stars.

3. Fang

Brawl Stars Tier List: Best Brawlers ranked (February 2024) 4

Fang’s reputation in Brawl Stars is built on his explosive entry and devastating impact, making him a top contender in any match.

His ability to obliterate opponents with his super, which can secure team wipes single-handedly, places him in a league of his own. Even if Fang appears dormant for the initial phases of a game, the looming threat of his super keeps enemies on edge.

The critical combination of raw power and the strategic use of his super, capable of turning the tide of battle instantaneously, underscores Fang’s essential role in achieving victory, embodying the essence of a game-changing brawler in Brawl Stars.

4. Charlie

Charlie Brawl Stars

Charlie’s ascendancy in Brawl Stars is marked by her unique Spider Gadget and unmatched super, making her a formidable brawler.

Her gadget allows her to withstand damage from sharpshooters, while her super guarantees kills with its precision, establishing her as a counter to both tanks and assassins.

This blend of defense and offense, enhanced by a 30% boost in speed and damage through her hypercharge, showcases her strategic depth. Charlie’s versatility and lethal Super position her as a critical asset in any match, embodying a perfect balance of power and adaptability in the ever-competitive Brawl Stars landscape.

5. Bo

Wasp Bo in Brawl Stars
Wasp Bo in Brawl Stars (Supercell)

Bo has seen a significant boost in his damage output, rising from 600 to 700. This 20% increase in attack damage has transformed Bo into a formidable damage dealer.

His newfound power allows him to exert more pressure on the battlefield, making him a threat to both close-range brawlers and those attempting to maintain distance. Bo’s ability to control space with his mines becomes even more threatening with his increased damage, as opponents must now be even more cautious when navigating around his traps.

This buff, while simple, has elevated Bo’s status in the game, making him a versatile and dangerous opponent in various game modes. His ability to deal substantial damage while controlling areas with his mines makes him a valuable asset to any team.

6. Cordelius

Cordelius in Brawl Stars

Cordelius, without any recent balance changes, maintains his position as one of the strongest brawlers in Brawl Stars. His unique ability to “shadow realm” opponents, effectively taking them out of play temporarily, is a game-changing mechanic.

This ability is particularly potent against brawlers who rely on hypercharges, as Cordelius can negate their effects, wasting their resources and turning engagements in his favor. His versatility is further enhanced by the Mushroom Kingdom star power, which allows for increased movement and reload speed, adding to his survivability and offensive capabilities.

Cordelius’ ability to dominate in 1v1 scenarios and his utility in various game modes make him a formidable opponent. His kit, offering both offensive and defensive utilities, ensures that he remains a top pick in the current meta.

7. Spike

Spike in Brawl Stars (Supercell)
Spike in Brawl Stars (Supercell)

Spike, not previously listed but now a top contender, fits well into the current meta despite a recent nerf to his Sticky Spikes gear, which saw the slow percentage reduced from 50% to 30%. This change, while impactful, doesn’t overshadow Spike’s inherent strengths.

His ability to deal significant area damage and control space with his spikes remains a crucial aspect of his gameplay. Spike’s versatility allows him to adapt to various situations, making him a consistent threat in many game modes. His hypercharge, easy to cycle and highly damaging, keeps him relevant and powerful.

The variety of gears that can be equipped with Spike, including damage, vision, and shield options, further enhances his adaptability and effectiveness on the battlefield. Despite the nerf to his gear, Spike’s overall utility and damage output ensure his place as a top-tier brawler.

8. Pearl

Pearl in Brawl Stars
Pearl in Brawl Stars (Supercell)

Pearl, a new entrant in the top 10 list, has benefited from a recent buff that increased her movement speed from 670 to 720. This enhancement significantly impacts her gameplay, allowing for more aggressive positioning and better evasion.

Pearl’s newfound agility makes her a more formidable presence on the battlefield, especially on maps with ample cover and grassy areas where her vision gear can be maximized. Her main attack, already potent, gains additional utility with this increased mobility.

Pearl’s ability to build up heat more consistently and the threat posed by her gadget, which can one-shot many brawlers at full heat, makes her a brawler to watch out for in the current meta.

9. Colette

Colette - Brawl Stars (Supercell)
Colette – Brawl Stars (Supercell)

Colette earns her spot as one of the top brawlers in Brawl Stars due to her unique damage mechanics and versatility across game modes.

What sets Colette apart is her ability to deal damage based on a percentage of her target’s health, making her equally effective against both high and low-HP brawlers. This feature is particularly advantageous in modes like Heist, where she can consistently chip away at the safe regardless of its remaining health.

Additionally, Colette’s super allows her to dash through enemies and obstacles, dealing damage both ways and providing excellent mobility. Her gadget, which grants a temporary shield, further enhances her survivability, making her a formidable opponent in various scenarios.

10. Sandy

Sandy - Brawl Stars (Supercell)
Sandy – Brawl Stars (Supercell)

Sandy, without any recent balance changes, continues to excel in the current meta. His consistent performance is attributed to his ability to cycle his Super rapidly, providing significant utility to his team.

Sandy’s sandstorm offers both offensive and defensive capabilities, granting invisibility to allies and disrupting enemy positioning. This makes him particularly effective in controlling key areas of the map and supporting team engagements.

The current map rotation, favoring Sandy’s playstyle, further cements his position as a top brawler. His stun capability allows him to counter hyper-aggressive brawlers, providing him and his team with breathing space during intense battles.

Sandy’s versatility and the strategic advantage his Super provides make him a steadfast choice in various game modes, maintaining his status as a highly effective brawler in the current meta.

11. Rosa

Rosa in Brawl Stars (Supercell)
Rosa in Brawl Stars (Supercell)

Rosa, despite receiving a slight nerf in a recent update (HP reduced from 5400 to 5000), remains a top-tier brawler. Her resilience and ability to sustain in fights continue to make her a valuable asset in various game modes.

Rosa’s strength lies in her ability to maintain frontline pressure, absorb damage, and provide consistent control over key areas of the map. Her Super, which grants her a significant shield, allows her to engage in fights more aggressively and sustain longer, making her a persistent threat to the opposing team.

Rosa’s kit, designed for durability and control, ensures that she remains a highly effective choice despite the recent reduction in her HP.

12. Amber

Brawl Stars Tier List: Best Brawlers ranked (February 2024) 5

Amber’s resurgence in the Brawl Stars meta can be attributed to her exceptional area control and damage output, making her a force to be reckoned with.

Her recent buffs have significantly enhanced both her main attack and the Dancing Flames gadget, allowing her to incinerate opponents with ease. Amber’s versatility shines across various game modes, her prowess notably disrupting enemy formations and challenging even the most robust brawlers.

The over 10% damage increase has transformed her into an unstoppable entity, capable of melting down tanks and swiftly decimating adversaries. Amber’s combination of relentless firepower and tactical gadget use positions her as a top-tier brawler, essential for dominating the battlefield.

13. Stu

Brawl Stars Stu

Stu’s status in Brawl Stars as a highly dynamic and versatile brawler is undisputed, earning him a spot among the top contenders.

His unique driving force lies in his mobility and the ability to generate Super with every hit, allowing for continuous aggressive plays and rapid repositioning. Post-nerfs to other brawlers, Stu’s significance has only magnified, serving as an effective counter to prevalent threats like Leon.

His adaptability across multiple game modes, from Gem Grab to Heist, underscores his utility in various strategic setups. Stu’s ability to disrupt enemy lines and provide consistent pressure makes him an invaluable asset, embodying the essence of a high-caliber brawler in the ever-evolving arena of Brawl Stars.

Virus 8-Bit in Brawl Stars
Virus 8-Bit in Brawl Stars (Supercell)

A Tier Brawlers

A Tier brawlers, while not as universally dominant as the S Tier, are still highly effective and can be game-changers in the right hands. These brawlers offer a blend of strength and tactical depth, making them reliable picks in competitive play.


8-Bit remains a formidable choice in the A tier, despite the evolving Brawl Stars meta. His exceptional damage output continues to make him a threat, especially in modes where his slower movement isn’t a significant hindrance. However, with the introduction of hypercharges and faster-paced gameplay, 8-Bit’s relative lack of mobility has become more pronounced, explaining his position in the A tier rather than the top S tier.


Belle maintains her A-tier status, offering a balanced mix of range and damage. Her super remains effective against a wide range of brawlers, and her long-range capabilities ensure she’s a safe pick for most maps and modes. While not overpowering, Belle’s versatility and reliability in various situations keep her as a strong contender in the current meta.


Colt stays in the A tier, benefiting from a recent buff to his reload speed. This enhancement has made him slightly more effective, though his overall playstyle remains unchanged. Colt demands skillful aiming and can be exceptionally potent against opponents who struggle with dodging, making him a viable choice in the current meta.


Edgar’s journey to the A tier is quite remarkable, having risen from near the bottom of the tier list. His hypercharge initially positioned him as one of the game’s best brawlers, necessitating an emergency nerf. Post-nerf, Edgar still stands out as a strong contender, with his enhanced abilities making him a significant threat in various game scenarios.


Eve, previously in the A tier, remains a strong contender in Brawl Stars. Her ability to float over water gives her a unique edge on certain maps, making her a tactical choice for players. However, the evolving meta and introduction of new brawlers have slightly diminished her dominance, keeping her in the A tier but not at the top.


Gray maintains his position in the A tier, demonstrating consistent strength. His synergy with other Brawlers, especially in combination with their supers, makes him a valuable asset in team compositions. Gray’s ability to enhance the effectiveness of close-range Brawlers, in particular, highlights his utility in various strategic setups.


Jacky has consistently held her ground in the A tier, thanks to her hypercharge which elevates her to a top-tier brawler status. As a close-range tank, she stands out in the current meta, demonstrating that even in a category often overshadowed by others, a well-designed hypercharge can make a significant difference.


Information to come.


Brawl Stars Maisie

Maisie continues to dominate the Brawl Stars arena. Her strength lies in her ability to consistently wipe teams, a trait amplified by her gadget and super combination.

The ability to cycle hypercharges rapidly, requiring only three hits for one super, allows Maisie to maintain high pressure and control in matches. Her versatility is a key factor in her dominance; she can effectively counter aggressive brawlers and adapt to various map layouts.

Maisie’s performance in professional settings, like the ESL, where she has shown incredibly high win rates, underscores her effectiveness. Her combination of speed, damage output, and the ability to counter meta brawlers ensures that Maisie remains the a strong brawler in the game, a force to be reckoned with in any matchup.


Mandy remains in the B tier, unaffected by recent updates. Her consistent performance and usage rate, albeit slightly less frequent than before, demonstrate her reliability in the game. Mandy’s unchanged status in the tier list is a nod to her balanced design and enduring appeal among players.


Meg continues to hold her position in the A tier. Despite no significant changes in the recent updates, her combination of decent range and substantial health makes her a challenging opponent to counter. Her steady presence in the A tier underlines her resilience and adaptability in various game scenarios.


Mico, the new Mythic Brawler, has quickly ascended to A-tier status in our February update. His unique mobility with “Mic Boom” and “Out of Frame” makes him a formidable assassin, especially after the December update. His ability to steal ammo and deal extra damage to non-brawlers adds a strategic layer to his gameplay. Previously unranked, Mico’s stunning entry is a testament to his effectiveness in the current meta.


Pam secures a spot in the A-tier, primarily for her exceptional performance in Hot Zone, thanks to the Mythic gear enhancing her survivability. Additionally, she’s underrated in Gem Grab and other modes, with her “Scrap Sucker” countering top-tier brawlers effectively. Her versatility and ability to stay alive longer justify her A-tier ranking, making her a formidable choice in various scenarios.


Piper retains her A-tier position, continuing to be a dominant force in long-range combat. Her ability to deal significant damage from a distance makes her an excellent choice for open maps. Despite no recent changes, her consistent performance and the utility of her sniper-like skills ensure her place as a reliable pick in competitive play.


R-T remains in the A-tier, showcasing versatility and effectiveness in various scenarios. His ability to pair well with Brawlers having easy-to-land attacks, and the utility of his “Hack” gadget in 1v1 situations, makes him a valuable asset. His unchanged status from the previous tier list highlights his sustained relevance in the game’s evolving dynamics.


Shelly, previously an S-tier Brawler, has moved down to A-tier. While her hypercharge was a key factor in her previous dominance, the introduction of more Brawlers with hypercharges has slightly reduced her usage. Nonetheless, she remains a strong choice with her ability to deal substantial close-range damage and her overall versatility.

Shelly in Brawl Stars (Supercell)
Shelly in Brawl Stars (Supercell)

B Tier Brawlers

B Tier brawlers are solid, dependable choices with specific strengths that can be leveraged in the right situations. While they may not have the same level of impact as higher-tier brawlers, they can still be quite effective. Players using these brawlers will often find success by capitalizing on their unique abilities and the specific dynamics of each match.


Barley, once a reliable choice for area control, has slipped down to B tier in our February update. Despite his prowess in zoning and crowd control, the introduction of new Brawlers and balance changes have overshadowed his capabilities. His effectiveness is now more situational, especially with the rise of Brawlers who can easily counter his playstyle. In December, he was a notch higher, but the evolving meta hasn’t been kind to him.


Bea, known for her significant damage output at range, has also seen a decline to B tier. While her long-range poke and high burst damage were once formidable, the current meta favors more aggressive playstyles and Brawlers with quicker damage output. Bea struggles to keep up with the pace, especially against the hypercharged Brawlers that now dominate the scene.


Bonnie stays in the B tier in February. This shift reflects the changing dynamics of Brawl Stars, where her abilities and playstyle are less impactful against the current roster of popular Brawlers. Bonnie’s unique mechanics still offer some strategic value, but they’re not enough to compete at higher levels of play.


Brock has moved up to the B tier where he was listed December. His long-range firepower and area denial capabilities are still valuable, but he faces challenges in the current aggressive meta. Brock’s effectiveness is still map and mode-dependent, requiring strategic positioning and team support to excel.


Buster, previously in the A tier, has seen a drop to B tier. This change is primarily due to the removal of the slow component from his Slo-mo Replay Gadget, which was a key part of his kit. The current meta, with its emphasis on mobility and quick engagements, has made it harder for Buster to maintain his previously strong presence.


Byron, another Brawler who has stayed at B tier, faces challenges in the current meta. His healing and support capabilities, while still valuable, are less impactful in a game environment that now favors more direct combat and faster-paced engagements. Byron’s utility is overshadowed by other Brawlers who bring more immediate offensive or defensive benefits to a team.


Chuck is now in the B tier. This shift reflects his increasing vulnerability to counters in the current meta. While Chuck remains a formidable force in Heist when uncountered, pro players have become adept at neutralizing him, even in high-stakes matches like the World Championship. His effectiveness now hinges on the absence of specific counters in a match.


Crow’s ascent to B tier is noteworthy. His new hypercharge, Utility Knives, which allows his knives to pierce and return like a boomerang, has revitalized his gameplay. However, despite this enhancement, Crow’s damage output in specific scenarios can be overwhelming, but such situations are rare. Thus, he finds himself in the B tier, potent in certain contexts but not consistently dominant.


Dynamike’s spot in B tier is a result of his new hypercharge, Boomer, which adds smaller bombs to his super. This change has significantly improved his performance, making him a more formidable presence in the game. Despite this, Dynamike’s primary attack remains challenging to land, and while his enhanced super adds damage, it hasn’t been enough to place him higher than B tier.


Gale bumps up to the B tier, reflecting his consistent but not outstanding performance. While Gale is one of the better brawlers at countering hypercharges, thanks to his ability to blow enemies away, he still struggles in comparison to other options. A slight increase in damage could potentially elevate him to a higher tier, but for now, he remains a situational pick.


Lola continues to hold her position in the B tier. Despite no changes to her abilities or performance, Lola has maintained her rank for a considerable duration, indicating a stable but not exceptional place in the game’s meta. Her performance remains consistent, yet she lacks the distinctive edge to rise above the B tier in the current competitive landscape.


Lou, previously an S-tier brawler, has experienced a notable decline to the B tier. This shift is primarily due to a nerf in his supercharge rate from basic attacks, which has slightly diminished his overall effectiveness. Despite this, Lou still possesses one of the best hypercharges in the game, potentially the best, maintaining his relevance in certain scenarios.


Nita, once a formidable choice, has seen a dip in her effectiveness, sliding from A to B tier. This shift can be attributed to the evolving meta, where her playstyle against tanks is less relevant. Despite her ability to summon a bear companion for battlefield control, Nita struggles to keep pace with the dynamic and aggressive nature of current top-tier brawlers. Her utility in specific scenarios remains, but overall, she’s lost some of her earlier luster.


Otis remains a solid B-tier brawler, holding his ground from the previous tier list. His super, if landed effectively, especially against brawlers with activated hypercharges, can be a game-changer. However, Otis faces challenges in a meta increasingly dominated by hypercharge abilities. While he’s not at the bottom of the pack, Otis needs strategic play to shine, given the current competitive landscape.


Rico, a mainstay in the B tier, continues to demonstrate his niche effectiveness. Unchanged in the latest balance updates, Rico excels in certain maps where his unique bouncing bullets can dominate. However, his performance is map-dependent, and he doesn’t universally fit into all game modes or scenarios. This specialization keeps him from rising higher, despite his potential in the right hands.


Colonel Ruffs, once a top-tier choice, has descended to the B tier. His ability to empower already strong brawlers with his super remains a valuable asset. However, Ruffs struggles to stand on his own due to the increasing strength of other brawlers. His utility in team compositions is still notable, but he’s no longer the powerhouse he once was in the face of a rapidly evolving meta.


Squeak, previously in the A tier, now finds himself in the B tier. Despite several nerfs, particularly to his residue gadget, Squeak remains competent in area control. His versatility has taken a hit, but his gadget continues to be one of the best for controlling space. Squeak’s effectiveness is more situational now, requiring a more strategic approach to maximize his potential.


Tick maintains his position in the B tier, a testament to his enduring utility. In the current meta, his gadget and super effectively keep enemies at bay, though he faces challenges with the rise of hypercharge brawlers. Tick’s ability to control space is still valuable, but he needs careful play to avoid being overwhelmed by the faster-paced gameplay that now dominates Brawl Stars.

Bull - Brawl Stars
Bull – Brawl Stars (Supercell)

C Tier Brawlers

C Tier brawlers are average in the current meta, often requiring more specific conditions or strategies to truly shine. Success with these brawlers often hinges on exploiting their unique strengths and understanding the nuances of their playstyles.


Once a formidable A-tier, Bull has felt the sting of the evolving meta. His hypercharge, while useful, doesn’t quite stack up against the more dynamic abilities of higher-tier Brawlers. He’s still a solid choice but lacks the edge he once had.


Buzz’s descent from C to D-tier and back again reflects his struggle in the current hypercharge-dominated landscape. His ability to close gaps with his super is useful, but he falls short in dealing with the enhanced abilities of other Brawlers.


Carl has been nudged down from B to C-tier. The influx of stuns and knockbacks in the game has gradually eroded his effectiveness, making it harder for him to maintain his once-dominant position.


Emz remains in the C-tier, a testament to her enduring utility as a tank counter. While hypercharges have made her slightly less effective, her range and area control still offer valuable contributions in various matchups.


Gene’s slide from A to C-tier is a classic case of being overshadowed in a rapidly evolving meta. Without significant changes to his kit, he’s been outpaced by Brawlers with more impactful hypercharges, though he remains a viable pick in certain scenarios.


Grom holds his ground in the C-tier, but like many throwers, he’s finding it tougher to land shots in a meta quickened by hypercharges. He’s still a solid choice on certain maps but needs careful play to maximize his impact.


Gus stays put in the C-tier, despite a damage buff. The nerf to his gadget in a previous update still lingers, preventing him from climbing higher. He’s slightly better now, but not enough to shake up his standing.


Janet’s leap from D to C-tier is noteworthy, thanks to buffs to her damage and supercharge rate. She’s not top-tier material yet, but these improvements have significantly enhanced her competitiveness.


Jessie remains in the C-tier, her hypercharge not quite as potent as others but still offering value in certain situations, especially in Heist. She’s a balanced choice, fitting well into various team compositions.


Mortis remains a C-tier Brawler, unchanged from December. Despite receiving his Mythic gear, it hasn’t significantly impacted his performance. He continues to be an average choice, struggling to make a major impact in the current hypercharge-dominated meta.

Mr. P

Mr. P stays in the C-tier, a solid choice against Brawlers who can’t pierce through targets. However, his effectiveness is limited outside of this niche, making him less versatile in the current aggressive gameplay environment.


Poco has descended from the B-tier to C-tier. The decline is attributed to the reduced usage of Brawlers that synergize well with him. While still decent on his own, there are now more effective options available.


Sprout has dropped from A-tier to C-tier. While still strong on specific maps where his super can control pathways, the introduction of new Brawlers like Mo has presented significant challenges, reducing his overall effectiveness.


Surge has experienced a significant drop from B-tier to C-tier. The introduction of hypercharges in the game has diminished the relative strength of his level four upgrade, making him less formidable even at full power.


Tara remains in the C-tier, effective against close-range Brawlers but overshadowed by more versatile options. Her unchanged position reflects a consistent, yet not outstanding, performance in the current meta.


Willow has moved down from A-tier to C-tier. While still one of the better throwers, her super’s ability to disrupt hypercharges is not enough to keep her at the top in the face of the current aggressive gameplay trends.

Brawl Stars Penny
Penny in Brawl Stars (Supercell)

D Tier Brawlers

D Tier brawlers tend to be less effective in the competitive landscape, often due to specific weaknesses or the presence of stronger alternatives in the meta. Players picking these brawlers will need to rely heavily on skill, strategy, and often an element of surprise to outperform their opponents.


Previously in the C tier, Ash remains a tough contender with a recent health buff. However, he’s still not quite cutting it in the current hypercharged meta, keeping him in D tier.


Chester also stays in D tier despite a health buff. His effectiveness hasn’t seen significant improvement, indicating that more than just a health increase is needed to climb the ranks.


Darryl’s drop from C to D tier reflects his struggle against hypercharged Brawlers. Despite his rolling capabilities, he’s being overshadowed in this fast-paced environment.

El Primo

Falling from B to D tier, El Primo’s lack of balance changes has left him lagging in the current meta. His tanky nature isn’t enough to keep up with more versatile Brawlers.


Griff, dropping from B to C and now D tier, is a personal favorite for many but is finding less utility in the current game. His effectiveness against popular Brawlers has diminished, reducing his overall impact.


Max remains in D tier, unchanged in the latest updates. Her speed and agility are still valuable, but she’s outshined by stronger options in the current meta.


Penny maintains her position in D tier. While some of her counters have become less common, she hasn’t shown enough to move up, with her overall impact still being questioned.


Sam’s position is unchanged in C tier, balancing on the edge of D tier. His first star power offers some utility, but it’s not enough to significantly elevate his status in the competitive scene.

El Primo in Brawl Stars
El Primo in Brawl Stars (Supercell)

F Tier Brawlers

F Tier brawlers are currently the least favorable in Brawl Stars, facing significant challenges in high-level play. Players choosing these brawlers will need to employ innovative tactics and a deep understanding of their abilities to make the most out of their gameplay.


Bibi, once a formidable presence, has unfortunately slid down to the F tier. Her close-range tank style is increasingly challenged in the current meta, especially with the rise of hypercharged Brawlers. Despite her solid batting skills, she’s struggling to keep up with the pace and versatility required in today’s gameplay.


Doug remains firmly in the F tier, unchanged from the previous month. His performance in the game continues to be underwhelming, with no significant balance changes to boost his standing. Doug’s lack of adaptability and effectiveness in the evolving meta keeps him from rising in the ranks.


Frank remains in the F tier, consistent with his position last month. Despite his high damage output, Frank’s gameplay is too conditional and lacks the flexibility needed in competitive play. His slow pace and predictability continue to be significant drawbacks in the fast-paced Brawl Stars environment.


Hank, previously a D-tier contender, has experienced a decline, moving down to the F tier. This shift is partly due to the overall power creep in the game, with many tanks being overshadowed by newer, more dynamic Brawlers. Hank’s traditional tank abilities are no longer as impactful as they once were.

Charlie Brawl Stars

Understanding our Brawl Stars Tier List

In the fast-paced world of Brawl Stars, understanding the tier list structure can make a difference in the way you play and strategize. Let’s dive in further to understand what a tier list is and its impact on how you choose your Brawlers.

What is a Tier List?

A tier list is essentially a guide that ranks characters in a game. It’s based on their effectiveness in certain roles and their dominance in the meta. In the context of Brawl Stars, the Brawl Stars tier list ranks the game’s Brawlers from best to worst.

You may wonder how Brawlers are ranked. Several factors come into play, such as the Brawler’s strength, speed, super abilities, and their overall influence in matches. The Brawlers that have high stats, unique abilities, and can adapt to different game modes generally take the top ranks.

Why are Tier Lists Important in Brawl Stars?

Knowing the Brawl Stars tier list is like knowing your ABCs in the game. It’s a resource that highlights the best Brawl Star characters, and it can significantly influence your gaming strategy.

Remember, knowing who the best Brawl Stars Brawlers are, is only half the battle. How you utilize them on the field is equally important. For instance, a top-ranked Brawler might not work to your benefit if you’re still unfamiliar with their mechanics. Conversely, a low-ranked Brawler might just be the crucial game-changer in your hands if you’ve mastered their abilities.

Tier lists are also very dynamic. As the game developers release updates, buff or nerf different Brawlers, and introduce new mechanisms into the game, the Brawl Star tier list sees a constant shuffle. Staying updated with these fluctuations is key to always having an edge over your opponents.

So, tier lists aren’t just a ranking system, they’re an insight into the game’s shifting landscape. Let’s move on to look at the current Brawl Star tier list to identify which Brawlers are leading the pack in the current meta.

Brawl Stars Tier List: Best Brawlers ranked (February 2024) 6

About our Brawl Starts Tier List

Knowing the Brawl Stars tier list is an essential part of gaming strategy. However, you shouldn’t take these rankings at face value. They’re based on a range of factors that can significantly influence a brawler’s effectiveness in the game. Let’s dig into these factors:

In-game Statistics

When considering Brawl Stars tier lists, In-game Statistics are a pivotal factor. Every Brawl Star character comes with unique strengths and weaknesses in terms of health, attack power, super ability, and speed. Long-range brawlers like Colt or Piper might excel in wide-open maps, while heavyweights like El Primo or Rosa might be better suited for closed-off arena types.

Win Rates

Don’t overlook Win Rates while mulling over Brawl Stars tier lists. Brawlers with high win rates are typically powerful picks in the meta. However, remember that win rates can be skewed. For instance, a Brawler might have a high win rate because it’s popular among skilled players. On the same note, a Brawler may be more prevalent in lower trophy ranges due to its simplicity, boosting its usage rates.

Community Opinion

It’s crucial to keep a finger on the pulse of the community. Community Opinion often reflects the meta’s trends, helping you understand which are the best Brawl Stars brawlers currently. Online forums, social media platforms, and professional player reviews can offer valuable insights into a brawler’s perceived strength or weakness in the meta.

Team Compositions

Finally, Team Compositions play a significant role in a Brawler’s ranking. Depending on your team’s makeup, a character labeled as ‘low-tier’ could turn out to be the game changer! For example, a supposedly low-tier brawler may perfectly complement your team’s strategies and abilities, tipping the odds in your favor.

Understanding these factors behind a Brawl Stars tier list is crucial. It personally empowers you, allowing you to strategize beyond a brawlers’ tier ranking and tailor your gameplay depending on the specific game situations you face.

So, you’ve now got the inside scoop on our Brawl Stars tier list. Remember, these lists are a critical tool for refining your gameplay and boosting your win rate. They’re not set in stone, but they do provide a snapshot of the current meta.

While C tier brawlers might not be top of the list, don’t underestimate their potential. Used strategically, they could be your secret weapon. Stay flexible, stay informed, and most importantly, keep adapting your strategy as the game evolves.

With a keen understanding of each brawler’s strengths and weaknesses, you’re well on your way to mastering Brawl Stars.

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