Brawl Stars’ new event offers players 100 Starr Drops for free

Brawl Stars' new event offers players 100 Starr Drops for free 1

Brawl Stars just unveiled its newest and “coolest” community event yet, promising unprecedented rewards for players.

Brawl Stars, the fast-paced multiplayer battler from Supercell, is no stranger to exciting community events. Fresh from the success of its ‘Brawl Like a Girl’ event, Brawl Stars is back with another thrilling community challenge dubbed the #100StarrDrops event.

This time, however, the event shifts away from individual Takedowns to a communal effort to collect Rare Starr Drops. The stakes? If the community hits the target of 1.5 billion Rare Starr Drops, every participant will receive 100 random Starr Drops.

Furthermore, 100 of the “unluckiest” players during the event will bag 100 Legendary Starr Drops at the end of it all.

Updated on March 21: We’ve finally reached the target of 1.5 billion Rare Starr Drops, meaning players will soon receive 100 Starr Drops for free.

Brawl Stars developers have revealed that the 100 Starr Drops are coming sometime tomorrow — but there’s no exact timeline at this stage. Expect server downtime and mayhem as players all around the world log-in and see what’s waiting for them!

Brawl Stars' new event offers players 100 Starr Drops for free 2
Track the progress of the #100StarrDrops event in your News tab (Level Push)

There’s a bit to break down here, so here we go. The event revolves around collecting 1.5 billion Rare Starr Drops by March 25 — together as a community.

Starr Drops in Brawl Stars can be Rare, Super Rare, Epic, Mythic or Legendary. Legendary Starr Drops are the most desirable in the game and can contain anything from a new Hyperhcarge to a Legendary Brawler. However, these Legendary Starr Drops appear just 2% of the time.

On the other hand, a Rare Starr Drop is seen by players 50% of the time they open a Starr Drop and are most likely to contain a measly 50 Coins.

The rules are simple yet ingenious. Players will receive a free Starr Drop daily just for logging in, with the rewards becoming progressively generous as the community hits each milestone.

Brawl Stars' new event offers players 100 Starr Drops for free 3
Log in every day to claim your free Starr Drop! (Level Push)

Milestones & Rewards

The event is structured around reaching collective milestones, with rewards increasing as more Rare Starr Drops are collected by the community:

  • At event start: A daily login bonus gives you a Rare Starr Drop.
  • 300 Million: Enjoy double the daily Starr Drops.
  • 600 Million: Everyone receives 1 Random Starr Drop.
  • 900 Million: The reward increases to 3 Random Starr Drops.
  • 1.2 Billion: Participants get 5 Random Starr Drops.
  • 1.5 Billion: The grand prize of 100 Random Starr Drops is unlocked for everyone.

These rewards will be accessible in the Shop after each milestone is achieved, but remember, your account needs at least 400 Trophies to be eligible.

Mega Prize

Beyond the collective goal, there’s a competitive edge to the event. The 100 players who collect the most Rare Starr Drops will earn the Mega Prize of 100 LEGENDARY STARR DROPS, turning every attempt into a potentially game-changing moment.

The new 100 Starr Drops event is not just a game-changer but a mindset shifter, making the worst reward suddenly the most sought-after. Now, get out there and start collecting those Rare Starr Drops!

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