Maintenance Breaks in Brawl Stars: What You Need to Know

Maintenance Breaks in Brawl Stars: What You Need to Know 1

Occasionally, Brawl Stars enters a maintenance break, but what does this mean for players?

Brawl Stars, the popular multiplayer mobile game developed by Supercell, often goes into what’s known as a maintenance break. These are periods when the developers perform necessary updates or fixes to the game’s infrastructure, aiming to enhance the overall player experience.

When Brawl Stars is under maintenance, players will find that battles are temporarily disabled. However, it’s not all downtime; you can still access the game’s news page. This page not only provides updates on recent changes but also includes a countdown timer indicating the expected duration of the maintenance break. If there’s no timer, it suggests the maintenance may extend longer than initially planned.

Why is Brawl Stars under maintenance?

For real-time updates on why maintenance is occurring, the Brawl Stars official X account is the go-to resource. You can see all recent tweets from the Brawl Stars account above.

Why does Brawl Stars need maintenance breaks?

Several reasons can prompt these periods of downtime. Sometimes, it’s to address balance issues within the game. For instance, if certain Brawlers are considered overpowered (like Larry & Lawrie in the past), Supercell may implement emergency nerfs during a maintenance break.

Other times, maintenance breaks are necessary to fix server-related problems or bugs in the game. A recent example was the Hypercharge Unleashed event, which didn’t function as intended, leading to a maintenance break for repairs.

Other maintenance breaks may have a specific purpose. On March 21, Supercell announced they’d be scheduling maintenance ahead of tomorrow’s event, where players will receive 100 free Starr Drops from the special 100 Starr Drops event.

So, what can you do during a maintenance break? It’s a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with the Brawler Tier List, seeing where your favorite characters stand in the current meta. You can also check out the latest Brawl Stars news or learn more from our Hypercharge Tier List to see which ones are worth investing in.

Or, you can take Supercell’s advice literally and “touch grass.”

Maintenance breaks in Brawl Stars are essential for ensuring the game runs smoothly and remains enjoyable for all players. While it may temporarily halt your brawling adventures, it’s a sign that the developers are actively working to improve your gaming experience.

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