Best Timed Detonation Brawlers in Brawl Stars Ranked Mode

Best Timed Detonation Brawlers in Brawl Stars Ranked Mode 1

Navigating Brawl Stars’ Ranked Mode with the Timed Detonation Modifier can be a blast if you know which Brawlers to pick.

Ranked Mode in Brawl Stars forces players to face a new competitive landscape, where they need to strategize. Selecting the best Brawlers is crucial to climbing the ranks. This mode replaces the former Power League and introduces a tiered progression system, making each match crucial for advancement.

The only returning modifier for Ranked Mode this season is the Timed Detonation Modifier. Two new modifiers have been introduced: the Sick Beats Modifier and the Barbed Ammo Modifier. Let’s explore the best Brawlers for this modifier!

Best Timed Detonation Brawlers in Brawl Stars Ranked Mode 2

What is the Timed Detonation Modifier?

Best Timed Detonation Brawlers in Brawl Stars Ranked Mode 3

Timed Detonation

Objects in the Map get progressively destroyed.

Time Detonation Modifier introduces a dynamic battlefield where map obstacles are destroyed every 5 seconds, radically changing the terrain and forcing players to adapt their strategies on the fly. This Modifier tests your ability to anticipate and react to the evolving map, making Brawler choice and spatial awareness crucial for success.

Best Timed Detonation Brawlers for Brawl Stars Ranked Mode

Here are all the Brawlers who would stand out in Brawl Stars Ranked Mode with the Timed Detonation Modifier:

5. Belle


While Belle may not seem like the best pick, she’s still the go-to when all the others, like Piper, are banned. As the map opens up, she’ll just be able to shoot through the enemies. Not only that, but her Super allows her to mark the enemies, therefore increasing the damage they take from anyone.

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4. Leon


While Leon is outshined by other Brawlers, he’s still pretty good in the Timed Detonation Modifier. The map opens up more as the obstacles go. His ability to become invisible allows him to navigate and sneak up on the enemies while they are distracted.

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3. Nani

Best Timed Detonation Brawlers in Brawl Stars Ranked Mode 4

Nani thrives in environments where precision and adaptability are key. With the ability to control her super’s direction, she can exploit the increasingly open map to land devastating hits on her opponents. Her high damage output and unique maneuverability make her a top pick for the Timed Detonation Modifier.

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2. Piper


Piper continues to reign in the Timed Detonation Modifier. Her long-range sniping capabilities become even more valuable as the map opens up, allowing her to control vast areas and pick off enemies from a distance. Her mobility and escape mechanisms also allow her to reposition swiftly as the environment changes.

With Piper reigning as the top pick for Ranked matches with the Timed Detonation Modifier, equip her with the best gadget, star power, and gears with our Best Piper Build to maximize her potential!

1. Angelo

Angelo Brawl Stars

Angelo tops the list of the best brawlers in Brawl Stars for Timed Detonation. Angelo can deal much damage when players aim the attack instead of tapping. His Super is also helpful as it enhances his attack when inside it or damages the enemies trying to invade the toxic area. The map will become his playground as it becomes more open over time.

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In Ranked Mode’s Timed Detonation Modifier, selecting the right Brawler is crucial for exploiting the dynamic and ever-changing battlefield. These brawlers stand out as top choices, each bringing unique abilities that can be leveraged to gain the upper hand in this explosive environment. Adaptability, anticipation, and strategic play are key to mastering this Modifier and climbing the ranks in Brawl Stars’ competitive scene.

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