Best Big Friend Brawlers in Brawl Stars Ranked Mode

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Brawl Stars’ Ranked Mode just got more exciting with the introduction of the Big Friend Modifier. Let’s dive into which Brawlers excel in this environment!

Ranked Mode in Brawl Stars represents the pinnacle of competitive play, challenging players to climb the ranks from Bronze to Masters. The mode can be played an unlimited number of times daily.

There is a difference between the old Power League and the current Ranked Mode. It introduces Modifiers like Big Friend, which has revitalized the strategic landscape, making team composition and Brawler selection more critical than ever.

Currently, three modifiers are available in Brawl Stars’ Ranked Mode: the Quickfire Modifier, the Timed Detonation Modifier, and the Big Friend Modifier. The Big Friend Modifier is a game-changer that levels the playing field by boosting every Brawler’s health to match the highest health on their team.

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What is the Big Friend Modifier?

Best Big Friend Brawlers in Brawl Stars Ranked Mode 2

Big Friend Modifier: “All Brawlers have HP equal to the highest on the team!”

The Big Friend Modifier is a game-changer in Brawl Stars. It equalizes health among team members based on the highest health Brawler. This unique twist requires players to rethink their strategies, emphasizing survivability and sustained engagement over quick takedowns.

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Best Big Friend Brawlers for Brawl Stars Ranked Mode

Here are the Brawlers who dominate Ranked Mode with the Big Friend Modifier:

5. Bea


Bea is a Brawler with significantly low health but high damage potential. With the Big Friend modifier, she would benefit greatly from having her HP equalized with the brawler with the biggest health percentage. Bea becomes a formidable force when her health is boosted. This makes her less susceptible to quick eliminations, allowing her to control the battlefield with her precise shots.

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4. Frank


Frank, who is already a tank in his own right and one with the highest HP in the game, allows his teammates to benefit significantly from his health. He also has a high damage potential, but players must be strategic when using him, as he loses mobility when attacking or using his Super.

3. 8-Bit

Best Big Friend Brawlers in Brawl Stars Ranked Mode 3

8-Bit has an impressive base health of 10,000 and high damage potential as well. The Big Friend modifier allows his teammates to benefit from his high HP, especially those with lower HPs like Bea. The only thing to be wary of when using 8-Bit is his slow movement, so strategically place yourself in the arena!

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2. Pam

Best Big Friend Brawlers in Brawl Stars Ranked Mode 4

Pam has one of the highest health percentages in the game, making her perfect for the Big Friend modifier. Not only would she be able to boost the HP of her squishy teammates, but she could also provide support with her healing capabilities. This would make her and her teammates significantly harder to take down, ensuring her team’s presence is felt throughout the match.

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1. Colette

Colette - Brawl Stars (Supercell)

Colette is hands-down the best Brawler to pick with the Big Friend Modifier. Her unique damage mechanics, which allow her to deal with health percentage-based damage, make her the perfect counter to the increased health pools. Her ability to easily slice through tanky Brawlers makes her the first choice in any draft.

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The Big Friend Modifier in Ranked Mode introduces a strategic layer emphasizing health and survivability. Brawlers like Colette, Pam, 8-Bit, Frank, and Bea rise to the top, offering a blend of durability, damage, and utility that can pivot the outcome of any match. Selecting the right Brawler becomes paramount, underscoring the importance of strategy in Brawl Stars’ competitive scene.

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