Hypercharge Tier List for Brawl Stars: Best Hypercharges ranked (April 2024)

Hypercharge Tier List for Brawl Stars: Best Hypercharges ranked (April 2024) 1

Are you wondering how to spend your hard-earned coins in Brawl Stars? Our comprehensive Hypercharge tier list ranks every Hypercharge, so you know which abilities to prioritize unlocking.

Introduced as powerful, time-limited enhancements, Hypercharge abilities unlock at Power Level 11, drastically boosting a Brawler’s capabilities in various aspects such as Super, Speed, Damage, and Shield stats.

These abilities have dramatically shaken up the Brawl Stars meta. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to the game, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each Hypercharge can significantly influence your gameplay and team composition—especially when paired with the knowledge from our Best Brawlers Tier List.

Updated on April 8, 2024: Sprout and Belle’s new Hypercharge proved to be underwhelming, and we found that El Primo and Buzz’s (post-nerf) new abilities weren’t the game-changers we expected them to be.

We’ll be sure to re-visit this guide and update it when new Hypercharges arrive in Brawl Stars.

Hypercharge Tier List for Brawl Stars

See our full Hypercharge tier list below, sorted by alphabetical order. If you’re looking for our Hypercharge rankings from worst to best, you’ll find them just below our tier list.

TierHypercharge Ability (Brawler Name)
SBibi, Cordelius, Dynamike, Edgar, Maisie
ABuzz, Colette, Fang, Jessie, Lou, Rosa
BBull, Colt, El Primo, Jacky, Spike
CCharlie, Crow, Shelly
DBelle, Mico, Pearl Sprout

Brawl Stars Hypercharge Brawlers Ranked

Wondering about the best Hypercharge Brawlers in Brawl Stars? We’ve ranked all of our S-tier Hypercharge abilities below!

6. Cordelius’ Hypercharge: Complete Darkness

Cordelius in Brawl Stars
Hypercharge Tier List for Brawl Stars: Best Hypercharges ranked (April 2024) 2

Complete Darkness:Cordelius slows down his targets when sending them to the Shadow Realm.

Cordelius’ Hypercharge, “Complete Darkness,” ranks as the sixth-best Hypercharge in the game.

“Complete Darkness” empowers Cordelius with the ability to slow down enemies trapped in the Shadow Realm, alongside significant boosts to his speed (24%), damage (25%), and a slight shield increase (5%). These enhancements make him an unparalleled adversary, especially against other Hypercharged brawlers, turning the tide of battle with his enhanced capabilities.

The S-tier placement stems from not only the substantial boosts he receives but also the strategic depth added by slowing enemies, making Cordelius a critical counter to many brawlers. His ability to control the pace within the Shadow Realm, coupled with his enhanced offensive and defensive stats, positions him as a top contender in the current meta, despite any potential drawbacks his gadgets might face after balance adjustments.

Win more battles as Cordelius after checking our Best Cordelius Build Guide for the optimal Star Power, Gadget and Gears.

5. Maisie’s Hypercharge: Aftermath

Hypercharge Tier List for Brawl Stars: Best Hypercharges ranked (April 2024) 3
Hypercharge Tier List for Brawl Stars: Best Hypercharges ranked (April 2024) 4

Aftermath: “Maisie’s Super also shoots her basic attack projectiles around her to all directions.

Maisie’s “Aftermath” Hypercharge secures the fifth-best spot in our S Tier, showcasing formidable strength.

“With ‘Aftermath’, Maisie turns her Super into a radial onslaught, unleashing 6 main attack projectiles in all directions. This fixed pattern attack, inspired by Hank’s Super, covers a wide area without rotation, making it deadly at close range. Alongside, she benefits from a 26% speed increase, a 25% damage boost, and a slight 5% shield enhancement, making her a nightmare in point-blank engagements.

Despite a recent nerf to her Super charge rate, “Aftermath” remains a top-tier Hypercharge because of its sheer team-wipe potential. The ability to rapidly cycle through Hypercharged Supers, especially when paired with her disengage gadget, allows for devastating multi-kill opportunities. This Hypercharge excels in delivering massive damage and reshaping the battlefield in Maisie’s favor.

Crush your opponents with Maisie after learning about the best Star Power, Gadget and Gears to use with her in our Best Maisie Build Guide.

4. Dynamike’s Hypercharge: Boomer

Hypercharge Tier List for Brawl Stars: Best Hypercharges ranked (April 2024) 5
Hypercharge Tier List for Brawl Stars: Best Hypercharges ranked (April 2024) 6

Boomer: “Super bomb spawns smaller bombs.”

Dynamike’s “Boomer” claims the fourth-best position in our S-Tier Hypercharge rankings.

“Boomer” revolutionizes Dynamike’s gameplay by adding an explosive twist to his Super. Upon detonation, his Super now spawns eight smaller bombs scattering in various directions, each capable of dealing significant damage. Alongside this, Dynamike enjoys a 25% boost in speed and damage, and a slight 5% increase in his shield, making him a formidable opponent in any skirmish.

Despite a recent nerf that increased the charge requirement for his Hypercharge, “Boomer” remains a top-tier ability. The additional damage and the strategic spread of smaller bombs allow for devastating area control and the potential to chain Hypercharges for consecutive high-impact plays. This combination of area denial and enhanced damage output solidifies Dynamike’s place as a threat to even the tankiest of opponents.

Pair this knowledge with the helpful info in our Best Dynamike Build Guide if you want to dominate your matches!

3. Bibi’s Hypercharge: Out of bounds

Hypercharge Tier List for Brawl Stars: Best Hypercharges ranked (April 2024) 7
Hypercharge Tier List for Brawl Stars: Best Hypercharges ranked (April 2024) 8

Out of bounds: “Bibi’s bouncing ball splits when hitting an enemy.”

Bibi’s “Out of Bounds” claims the third-best position in our S Tier, showcasing its stellar performance.

“Out of Bounds” supercharges Bibi’s Super, causing her iconic bouncing ball to split into two upon hitting an enemy. This not only maintains the original damage but also broadens the area of impact. Alongside, Bibi receives a significant boost: a 25% shield increase, a 24% speed enhancement, and a 5% bump in damage. These buffs complement her aggressive playstyle, allowing her to navigate the battlefield with increased resilience and velocity.

Its high ranking is attributed to its exceptional team wipe potential and versatility across various maps. The ability to split her Super into two large bubbles can disrupt enemy formations and open up opportunities for quick eliminations. This Hypercharge amplifies Bibi’s threat level, enabling her to chain supers in rapid succession, especially in environments rich with obstacles and cover.

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2. Edgar’s Hypercharge: Outburst

Edgar in Brawl Stars
Hypercharge Tier List for Brawl Stars: Best Hypercharges ranked (April 2024) 9

Outburst: “After using Super gain charging speed and reload speed for few seconds.

Edgar’s “Outburst” Hypercharge ranks spectacularly in our S Tier, securing the second-best spot.

After activating his Super, Edgar becomes a formidable force with “Outburst.” This Hypercharge transforms him visually, turning him red and supercharging his abilities. He receives double the Super charge rate and reload speed for five crucial seconds, along with a 15% damage increase, a 15% shield boost, and an impressive 24% speed boost. These enhancements make him exceptionally powerful in close-range combat.

Ranked so highly because of its game-changing potential, “Outburst” allows Edgar to rapidly tear through opponents with increased damage, durability, and mobility. This capability of quickly dispatching one adversary and moving on to the next amplifies his team wipe potential immensely. The synergy between his Super and Hypercharge creates a cycle of aggression and mobility that few can match.

Want to win more with Edgar? Head on over to our helpful Best Edgar Build Guide to learn more about the best Star Power, Gadget, and Gears for Edgar.

1. Leon’s Hypercharge: Limbo

Hypercharge Tier List for Brawl Stars: Best Hypercharges ranked (April 2024) 10
Hypercharge Tier List for Brawl Stars: Best Hypercharges ranked (April 2024) 11

Limbo: “Leon stays invisible while attacking his enemies.”

Leon’s Hypercharge: Limbo takes the crown as the best Hypercharge in the game.

Limbo turns Leon into a nightmare for his opponents. When activated, Leon remains invisible even while attacking, receiving a 25% damage and shield boost, along with a 20% speed increase. This unique ability allows him to launch surprise attacks without revealing his location, making him exceptionally difficult to counter. The enhancements ensure that he can swiftly move across the battlefield, dealing significant damage while being almost untouchable.

This Hypercharge’s superiority lies in its versatility and the substantial tactical advantage it provides. Leon’s ability to stay invisible while attacking disrupts traditional gameplay, forcing opponents to guess his location. Coupled with boosts to damage, shield, and speed, Limbo turns Leon into a highly efficient assassin. The capacity to cycle through Hypercharges rapidly allows for continuous pressure and potential to quickly secure kills, significantly impacting the game’s flow.

Somehow, Leon’s Hypercharge was the only one not to receive nerfs in the most recent February 27 update, and Leon not only ranks as having one of the best Hypercharges in the game right now but as one of the best Brawlers in Brawl Stars as well.

Be sure to check our Best Leon Build Guide so you can enter battles with the best Star Power, Gadget, and Gears!

That’s everything! We hope you found our Hypercharge tier list and guide helpful today.

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