What is Mastery in Brawl Stars? All ranks and rewards explained


Mastery in Brawl Stars is a system designed to reward players for their dedication and skill with individual Brawlers.

With the introduction of the Mastery system, Brawl Stars added a new layer of depth and reward to the game.

Mastery allows players to earn points and progress through ranks by winning matches with their chosen Brawlers, culminating in exclusive rewards that showcase their dedication and skill.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how to advance through the Mastery ranks and unlock the full potential of your favorite Brawlers, you’re in the right place.

All Mastery ranks and rewards explained

What is Mastery in Brawl Stars?

What is Mastery in Brawl Stars? All ranks and rewards explained 1

Mastery in Brawl Stars serves as a comprehensive progression mechanism, meticulously tracking your performance and achievements with each individual Brawler.

As you participate in and win matches, you accumulate Mastery Points for the Brawler you’re using. This progression is reflected through a series of ranks, starting from the basic Wood tier and advancing through Bronze, Silver, and Gold. culminating in achieving Full Mastery.

What are Mastery Ranks in Brawl Stars?

Mastery Ranks in Brawl Stars are divided into several tiers, marking your journey from a novice to a master of your chosen Brawler.


The Wood rank is where every Brawler’s Mastery journey begins. It’s the foundational level, indicating the initial phase of mastering a Brawler.

Bronze 1, 2, 3

Moving up to Bronze reflects your growing familiarity and skill with a Brawler. Each sub-rank (1, 2, 3) signifies incremental improvements and a deeper understanding of the Brawler’s capabilities.

Silver 1, 2, 3

Reaching Silver indicates a significant command over your Brawler’s mechanics and strategies. Each step within Silver showcases an advanced level of play and strategic depth.

Gold 1, 2

Achieving Gold status symbolizes a high level of proficiency and skill with a Brawler. This is where your tactical decisions and mastery of abilities truly shine, setting you apart as an expert.

Gold 3 – Full Mastery

Full Mastery is the pinnacle of your journey, representing complete command and exceptional skill with a Brawler. Achieving this rank earns you a unique Title that you can equip in your Battle Card.

What are Mastery Rewards in Brawl Stars?

What is Mastery in Brawl Stars? All ranks and rewards explained 2
Mastery Rewards in Brawl Stars

Mastery Rewards offer tangible benefits for your progression through the Mastery Ranks. These rewards vary and include currencies, Pins, Brawler Profile Icons, and Titles. The last three ranks—exclusive to the Gold Tier—offer rewards unique to each Brawler, providing a significant incentive to reach Full Mastery.

Brawlers of higher Rarity tiers yield even more lucrative rewards as you advance, underscoring the value of mastering a diverse roster of characters. Additionally, the game periodically hosts Mastery Madness events, enhancing the rate at which you can earn Mastery Points, thus accelerating your progress and the rewards you can unlock.

Earning Mastery Points

What is Mastery in Brawl Stars? All ranks and rewards explained 3
Earning Mastery Points

Earning Mastery Points is a clear-cut process; victories in Trophy Events, Ranked Mode, or Mega Pig contribute to your tally, with a daily cap of 6000 points ensuring a balanced progression system.

The amount of Mastery Points awarded varies, taking into account factors such as the trophy range of the Brawler and their standing in competitive leagues. This meticulous approach ensures that Mastery is a fair reflection of skill and dedication, offering a rewarding experience for players of all levels.

Tips to earn Mastery points

Focus on one Brawler at a time to streamline your Mastery progress. Utilize Mastery Madness events for accelerated point accumulation, and engage in strategic play to maximize your victories and point earnings.

In essence, the Mastery system in Brawl Stars enriches the gaming experience by rewarding players for their commitment and achievements with each Brawler. It provides a structured path for progression, offering a blend of challenges and rewards that keep the game exciting and rewarding.

With each victory, players not only inch closer to mastering their favorite characters but also unlock exclusive rewards, celebrating their journey and achievements in the arena.

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