Brawl Stars February 29 maintenance break update patch notes


Brawl Stars’ latest maintenance break, released on February 29, will fix various game issues.

Brawl Stars recently released the massive Season 24 update and balance changes, but it came with a few unexpected problems. One of many issues was the broken matchmaking in the highly popular Hypercharge Unleashed event. Players had been advised to wait for a fix and now one’s on the way during the February 29 maintenance break.

Right now, Brawl Stars is under maintenance break. The break was scheduled for one hour but had already run longer than the expected time.

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Brawl Stars February 29 maintenance patch notes

Here’s everything you need to know about the Brawl Stars February 29 maintenance break, including all fixes and updates.

  • Fixed the matchmaking issue for the Hypercharge Unleashed event that prevented players from entering a match
  • Fixed the issue that prevented players from switching to unlock Kit on the Starr Road
  • Fixed an issue that showed players being incorrectly placed in a Ranked Tier before the start of the Ranked Season
  • Fixed an issue with Willow that caused a mind-controlled Mico not to be able to move
  • Fixed an issue with Doug’s Healing scaling improperly

Why is Brawl Stars under maintenance break?

Maintenance breaks are routine for online games, including Brawl Stars. They are essential periods during which the game’s developers perform updates, bug fixes, and server checks.

These breaks allow the team behind Brawl Stars to implement new content, such as brawlers, maps, or game modes, without disrupting the game’s performance. They also address any issues that could affect gameplay, from minor bug fixes to significant balance changes.

So hang tight while Brawl Stars devs make the necessary changes to Brawl Stars, and the maintenance will soon end!


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