Best Quickfire Brawlers in Brawl Stars Ranked Mode

Best Quickfire Brawlers in Brawl Stars Ranked Mode 1

Discover the top brawlers to dominate Brawl Stars’ Ranked Mode when the Quickfire modifier is active!

Brawl Stars‘ competitive scene took a significant leap forward with the introduction of Ranked Mode in the February 2024 update. This mode offers a unique blend of strategy and skill, where players can engage in unlimited matches daily.

But there’s one key difference in Ranked Mode—at least compared to Power League from the days past. Ranked Mode now has Modifiers, special conditions that shake up the battle arena each and every game.

There are currently three modifiers in Ranked Mode, one of which is the Quickfire modifier. This game-changing element rewards precision by passively reloading brawlers’ ammo upon hitting enemies, significantly impacting gameplay dynamics and brawler effectiveness.


What is the Quickfire Modifier?

Best Quickfire Brawlers in Brawl Stars Ranked Mode 2

Quickfire Modifier: “Hitting an enemy with an attack instantly reloads some ammo.”

The Quickfire modifier changes gameplay by rewarding players who land their shots. The modifier reloads the Brawler’s ammo whenever they hit an enemy and special targets. This would only take effect for linear projectiles. This effect encourages aggressive play and rewards precision, making certain brawlers particularly effective.

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Best Quickfire Brawlers for Brawl Stars Ranked Mode

Here’s our list of Brawlers to help you dominate Ranked Mode when the Quickfire Modifier is active.

5. Gale

Gale Brawl Stars

Many players may overlook Gale, but he shines with the Quickfire modifier. He has a wide-spread attack, having six long-ranged snowballs launched at the enemies. Along with the modifier, his relentless barrage can keep enemies at bay while swiftly reloading his ammo for continuous pressure.

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4. Crow


Crow is another great Brawler with the Quickfire modifier. He can fire three long-range daggers that apply poison to enemies over time. The attack is quite fast and has a high possibility of hitting the enemy, which would activate the effect of the modifier. This would allow him to continue harassing his enemies.

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3. Griff

Best Quickfire Brawlers in Brawl Stars Ranked Mode 3

Griff is an amazing Brawler when partnered with the Quickfire modifier since there’s absolutely no stopping them with their many projectiles. He’s especially good at close range, which ensures that his attacks connect with the enemies, and he’s also making the most of the modifier.

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2. Gene

Best Quickfire Brawlers in Brawl Stars Ranked Mode 4

Gene’s Attack Smoke Blast benefits significantly from the Quickfire modifier, allowing him to regain his attack quickly. Even if his initial attack misses the target, it will spread into six projectiles in a cone shape.

There’s a high chance he would hit his target through this and continuously spam them with his attack. Gene has proven annoying in Quickfire Ranked Mode already and is constantly banned from high-rank lobbies.

1. Leon

Best Quickfire Brawlers in Brawl Stars Ranked Mode 5

At the top of the list is Leon, with his Attack Spinner Blades. With his attack, he releases four long-range blades fast, which would deal with a good amount of damage. With the Quickfire modifier, he has more chances of keeping his fire rate up and increasing his damage output.

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In the fast-paced world of Brawl Stars’ Ranked Mode, choosing the right brawler for the Quickfire modifier can make all the difference. Whether it’s Gale’s blustery assaults, Crow’s venomous strikes, Griff’s coin barrages, Gene’s strategic pulls, or Leon’s stealthy ambushes, mastering these brawlers can propel you to the top of the rankings. Embrace the Quickfire modifier, and let every hit count towards your victory.

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