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Welcome to your one-stop shop for mastering 8-Bit in Brawl Stars!

If you’re looking to level up your game with the best builds for this pixelated powerhouse, you’ve clicked on the right guide. We’ll dive into the nitty-gritty of gadgets, star powers, and gears, all tailored for 8-Bit.

8-Bit Meta Update – January 2024

The Brawl Stars arena is always evolving, and 8-Bit remains a formidable contender.

Right now, 8-Bit sits in the A tier of our expert Brawl Stars brawler tier list, meaning that he’s a top pick for many players. His exceptional damage output continues to make him a threat, especially in modes where his slower movement isn’t a significant hindrance.

However, with the introduction of hypercharges and faster-paced gameplay, 8-Bit’s relative lack of mobility has become more pronounced, explaining his position in the A tier rather than the top S tier.

Virus 8-Bit in Brawl Stars
Virus 8-Bit in Brawl Stars (Supercell)

Best 8-Bit Build in Brawl Stars

Choosing the right build for 8-Bit can turn the tides of a match. Let’s explore the best gadgets, star powers, and gears to optimize his performance.

Best Gadget for 8-Bit

Cheat Cartridge emerges as a game-changer for 8-Bit. This gadget allows him to teleport to his Damage Booster, providing a tactical advantage, especially in tight situations. It’s a lifesaver for escaping or repositioning, crucial for a brawler with slow movement.

In contrast, Extra Credits can unleash a devastating attack, tripling the number of lasers fired. It’s a heavy hitter but less versatile compared to the strategic mobility offered by Cheat Cartridge.

Best Star Power for 8-Bit

When it comes to star powers, 8-Bit enjoys flexibility. Boosted Booster significantly expands the Damage Booster’s range and effect, making it a popular choice among pros. It’s perfect for supporting your team with a wider damage-boosting zone.

On the flip side, Plugged In offers a mobility boost, crucial for 8-Bit’s sluggish pace. It’s particularly useful for outmaneuvering fast opponents or when mobility is key.

Best Gears for 8-Bit

Gears can make or break your game with 8-Bit. The Reload Speed Gear addresses one of his major weaknesses—slow reload time. It’s essential for maintaining his offensive pressure.

Similarly, the Speed Gear compensates for his slow movement, giving him that much-needed agility in battle.

Mastering 8-Bit in Brawl Stars isn’t just about firepower; it’s about strategizing with the right gadgets, star powers, and gears. Whether it’s teleporting with Cheat Cartridge, expanding your influence with Boosted Booster, or enhancing your agility and reload speed, the perfect build can elevate your game.

Happy brawling, and remember, in the world of 8-Bit, it’s all about playing smart!

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